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The Choice Essay, Research Paper

Abortion the most personal choice a woman may ever have to make. To choose abortion would mean to terminate a fetus . To clarify the word fetus is in the Meriiam-Webester Dictionary as:”an unborn or unhatched vertabrate esp. especially after its basic structure has been laid down est. especially a developing human being in the uterus from usu. three months after pregancyoccurs”

The act of abortion is to remove the fetus by being induced or by spontanieos removal of the fetus which in results terminates the life of the fetus.

The choice for females is made even more difficult to do when the controversial arguements of pro-life and pro-choice grooups. Pro life argues that the removal of the fetus is not yet a baby. Pro choice perspective is not the case. They believe that this is not yet a baby. When we look at the religious side the belief is that at the time of conception the embryo is considered a baby. The non-religios view the belief is that when the embryo is

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