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Introduction Brimsdown

is in the London Borough of Enfield which is made up of a collection of small

communities, once scattered across the royal hunting grounds of Enfield

Chase.? These area are still separate

but within the London Borough of Enfield and are merged into one large area on

the northern edge of London.? Enfield

Lock, Enfield Wash and Enfield Highway are all situated along side the Lee

Navigation, to the south of Waltham Cross together with the districts of

Brimsdown and Ponders End.In 1855

Enfield Lock station (originally called Ordnance Factory) was opened.? This was followed in 1884 by Brimsdown

station.? The Southbury Loop line (1891)

gave the area another station, sited in Turkey Street. This was originally

known, somewhat misleadingly, as Forty Hill.??

However, this station lost its passenger service in 1909 as a direct

result of tramway competition.? The

Brimsdown Power Station opened in 1903. The cheap and plentiful electricity

supplies were to attract many other industries to the area.Brimsdown

is mainly an industrial area and Enfield town lies further west and is more

like a village, containing its own market square, and a parish church.? The New River also runs through Enfield

town. The town itself has grown far less attractive in recent years and has

become busier at the same time.? A

lottery grant of £1.8 million has been awarded to the area for cleaning,

restorations and safer pedestrian areas.The

name "Enfield" means an area of open land belonging to Eana.?? At the time of the Doomsday book it was

spelt Enefelde, and by Henry VIII’s reign had become a favourite hunting forest

for royalty.? This tradition continued

with James I who spent much of his time at nearby Theobolds Palace.BrimsdownBrimsdown

is an industrial area of Enfield and offers many business facilities.? It is also an area useful for shopping with

many large furnishing stores and a large clothing warehouse "The Brand

Centre", which stocks many well known designer labels at discount prices.Places

to visit in the area.Forty

Hall, EnfieldForty

Hall, built between 1629 and 1632 for Sir Nicholas Rainton, Lord Mayor of

London, is a splendid Jacobean mansion.??

Henry C.B. Bowles purchased Forty Hall in 1895 as a family home and it

remained so until 1951, when the Enfield Urban District Counci bought it.? Forty Hall is now used by the London Borough

of Enfield as a museum, art gallery and banqueting suite .Myddelton

House, EnfieldE.A.Bowles

(1865-1954) an enthusiastic collector and accomplished plantsman owned

Myddelton House and used it as his home.???

Bowles had a passionate interest in unusual varieties and rarities of

plants.?? He discovered and selected many

plants,? many of which can still be seen

in the house gardens today.? Bowles wrote

a famous trilogy at Myddelton House? ‘My

Garden in Spring’, ‘My Garden in Summer’ and ‘My Garden in Autumn and Winter’

and the house still attracts interest throughout the year.The

world’s first cash dispenser in EnfieldEnfield

had the world’s first cash dispenser installed on June 27th 1967 at Barclays

Bank, Church Street.?? It was opened by

the leading actor Reg Varney from a TV comedy series of the time called "

On the buses".

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