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One cold fall night there was these four boys in the boringest town of Pence. The four boys names were Weasel, Smudge, Rob, and Alfred. Alfred had just came back from a football game. He called Smudge and Rob, but they weren’t in the house. So Alfred walked around the town Pence calling Smudges name at the top of his lungs. Nothing, again, he listened, he heard an echoing response. Alfred walked a block over. He yelled Robs name this time and the response was louder. He then ran two blocks over. He yelled again. It was right next to him but he couldn’t find them. He listened, heard something in a nearby tree. He found the other three boys in the tree. Alfred then climbed the tree and they all had a smoke.

They all sat up there for about ten minutes. They decided to get down. They were so board it was unbeliveable. They then tried to lift the water runoff lids up, but it was impossibile. They then wandered off in the night. They ended up at the park. They all then had another smoke. They walked around a little bit more looking for trouble. Rob had an idea to go nigger knocking. He knocked on Rosa’s door and Alfred and Smudge ran through the alley. Weasel ran inbetween two small trees. There was a rope tied to each tree that nobody knew about. Weasel tripped over the rope and one tree broke right off and the other cracked at the base of the tree.

The boys ran a block and stopped. Next victium. They went to the park and had another smoke. They walked to the highway for the next victium. Knock, knock they ran into the woods. Weasel got blinded by dirt that Smudge through at him. About five minutes later they had another smoke. They then were going to go to Smudges house but saw Dicky and helped him unload the wood from the back of the truck and stacked it.

They then messed around at the shop for a little while. They figured if someone did call the pigs they wouldn’t be around and had an alliby. They left and then saw the pigs, so they tried to get into Smudge’s house, but the pigs cought them. They asked the boys questions, but the boys denied it. The pigs then threatened them and the boys got p.o.ed. The boys wanted to start a milisha and kill every governmental person known to man.

The next day after school the boys went to Brets house. Bret is a friend of the boys. He said Rosa bought a box of 20 gauge shells and two were missing. She had a double barrel shotgun. They then had a confrence. Weasel’s ma paid her 50 bucks for the tree.

The next night the boys were playing with death. Pence is now not that boring. They flipped a coin to play either Russian Roulette or to knock on Rosa’s door. It was Rosa’s door. Man what were they smoking, you would be safer to play Russian Roulette.

So the boys went back to Rosa’s. Smudge and Rob knocked. Rosa shot Smudge in the mid area, and Rob in the head. Weasel ran two miles back home. Alfred ran home, but came back with his AK-47 fully automatic assult rifle with a one hundred round drum and a silincer. He cocked it, drug Smudge and Rob off the steps, and knocked on the door. He saw Rosa scramble for her wimpy double barrel shotgun. She opened the door and Alfred saw her go for the trigger, so he let all one hundred rounds go in about seven seconds. You couldn’t even tell she was a person anymore.

Alfred went back home and was so shook up and nervious he smoked one pack in little over an hour. He called weasel up and they ran away with guns and ammo. At dawn they stold Alfreds grandpas truck and headed out by Island Lake. They setted somewhere out in the boonies and came back to town. They blew up the Hurley-Iroonwood Pig station. They wheeled it back out to the boonies. They are to this day still out in the boonies living off the land. They shoot what ever moves. They go to Minnasota once in a while to get ammo and smokes. The stealth fighter jet couldn’t even kill them. It crashed and burned when a 7.62 x 39 mm armor piercing bullet ripped through the engine. They now live peacefully with some girls, but are still out in the boonies. I guess the government just left them alone because they realized of the fatialies, and fact that they can’t kill them and they wouldn’t hurt anyone as long as they left them alone.

Was this reality or just the mad men Alfred and Weasel. Don’t mess with Alfred and Weasel or you’ll die to.


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