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Hubert Humphrey was the thirty eighth Vice President of the United States. He was elected along side of Lyndon B. Johnson as the Democratic party in the year 1964. Humphrey also ran for the title of U.S. president in 1968, but was unsuccesful in his attempts. Humphrey gained his national reputation as a U.S. Senator from the years 1949-1964 and then he was senator again from 1971 until his death.Hubert Humphrey became in his later years, one of the most respected political figures. However one thing that did put a damper on his political stature, was his contriversal support of the Johnson administrations vietnam policy. An example of how popular Humphrey was Jimmy Carter once said,” From time to time our nation is blessed by the presence of men and women who bear the mark of greatness, who help us see a better vision of what we can become. Hubert Humphrey was such a man.”Humphrey begin his road to sucess at the 1948 Democratic national convention. This where he spoke of Truman’s Civil Rights proposals. This lead to his election to the U.S. Senate that same year and gave him the reputation as a fire-breathing Midwestern liberal. Humphrey had a good Vice-Presidential term, he was known as the backbone to the Johnson administration. He ran all foreign conflicts etc.. There was two Presidents during this term, Johnson was the White colored type President and Humphrey was the President that went and got things done, the blue colored worker, he was the guy that was willing to get his hands dirty. Humphrey later died at his home in Waverly, Minnesota on January 13, 1978 of cancer. His widow was apointed to fill out his Senate term. The stadium that the Minnesota Twins now play in(a major league baseball team) is named after the late great Hubrt H. Humphrey.

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