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Henry David Thoreau Essay, Research Paper

It isn’t very often that a true renaissance man comes along. Thoreau was a true renaissance man. Thoreau was interested in many different things. He dabbled in the sciences; particularly botany and biology, as well as much more complex ideas such as philosophy and transcendentalism. Thoreau was a truly remarkable man.

Although Thoreau is worldly renound for his philosophical ideas, writings and theories, he was also a brilliant scientist. For example, Thoreau prided himself in being able to give at any given moment, the binomial nomenclature of almost any plant or animal. Thoreau also practiced substantial living, and reinvented the “hunter-gatherer” idea.

Of all the knowledge we have of palatable flora, most of it comes from the studies of Thoreau. Thoreau taught us by trial and error what we could and could not eat from the woods. Much of his findings are found in manuals such as The Army’s Field Guide for Emergency Survival. Although you’re not likely to find survival manuals and books on edible wild plants in mainstream literature, there are many books on such topics.

Thoreau was also an excellent survivalist. For example. Venturing into the woods he carried with him basically nothing and still he managed to live off the land even through the toughest of winters, a remarkable feat for anyone to accomplish. As well as a survivalist, Thoreau was also one of the first conservationist. Thoreau’s ideas on conservation were passed down to the fathers of conservation; Thomas Wolfe and Theodore Roosevelt.

Thoreau was undoubtedly a renaissance man. He spangled the naturalistic world with his in depth theories and studies. He also opened up a whole new world; the world of conservation. Many sportsmen and concerned citizens have followed Thoreau in the plight to better the planet. Thoreau pioneered the modern science of herbal healing, and edible wild plants. Thoreau was ahead of his time and was a truly remarkable man.

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