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Politics Essay, Research Paper

Inaugural address of President George W. Bush

During this course, we have learned many things. Amidst the things that we have learned is the American Creed which include liberty, self government, equality, individualism, diversity and unity. All these things are the core value system for the people that inhabit the United States and they are the things this country was based on. So its possible that when George W. Bush sat down with his staff to write his inaugural address, he went back to this American Creed and decided to use many of the points of it in his speech.

Towards the beginning of speech, he talks about freedom or liberty, The story of a slave-holding society that became a servant of freedom that everyone belongs, that everyone deserves a chance, that no insignificant person was ever born President Bush tries to set a town that America has come a long way from what was but that it shouldn t stop there. That it should keep on protecting those that cant protect themselves.

He also goes on to suggest that the country should get away from the partisanship and concentrate on the good of the society instead of bickering over issue. And sometimes our differences run so deep, it seems we share a continent, but not a country.

Another core of the value system that is mentioned is individualism. America, at its best, is a place where personal responsibility is valued and expected Encouraging responsibility is not a search for scapegoats, it is a call to conscience He is pretty much saying that the people should not solely relay on the government to give them stuff but to also fend for themselves. That is the foundation of this society, for people to go out and create private enterprise.

Something that can be noted in his speech was the fact that he made many references to God or the bible. A lot of things have been said that the church and the state should be kept separate because it might cause a conflict of interest. But wasn t this country founded on the bases of religion, the men that created this country were highly devoted religious men.

Another President Bush does in his address was talk about the things he plans to do while in office. Although this was not the place nor the time to get into specific details about the plans that has while in office (the same plans that he had been campaigning for for almost a year), he did subtlety but them in there. We will reform Social Security and Medicare, sparing our children from struggles we have the power to prevent. We will reduce taxes, to recover the momentum of our economy and reward the effort and enterprise of working Americans

In my opinion, the first of anything is always the most important. It s a way to get people attention and the way to make a good first impression. President Bush s inaugural address tried to mend whatever fences might have been broken between the two major political parties while saying that American was going to strive to make this a better place. I think that he conducted the speech very well and that he just needed to be giving a chance. I think people he said what Americans like to hear, that their country was great and that their people were great and that made them feel better and might have won some people over that were disgusted with the whole electoral debauchery.

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