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Outline Of The Constitution Of The USA Essay, Research Paper


A. Section 1.

1. Establishment

B. Section 2.

1. House Membership and Qualifications

a. selection and composition

b. representation

C. Section 3.

1. Senate Membership and Qualifications

a. selection and compostion

b. elections

D. Section 4.

1. Congressional Elections

E. Section 5.

1. Congressional Operation and Procedure

a. elections

b. rules

c. records

F. Section 6.

1. Congressional Employment, Compensation and Privileges

a. the "speech and debate clause"

G. Section 7.

1. Public Laws and Other Congressional Instruments

a. bills for raising revenue

b. the presidential "presentment clause"

c. congressional voting records

d. congressional orders, resolutions and votes

H. Section 8.

1. Powers of Congress:

a. raising revenue (tax, etc.) to pay debts and to provide for defense and general welfare

b. borrowing money

c. trade regulation (the "commerce clause")

d. immigration and naturalization; bankruptcies

e. currency; weights and measures

f. counterfeiting punishment

g. post offices

h. intellectual property (copyrights, patents, etc.)

i. the federal judiciary

j. maritime and international law

k. war

l. military appropriations/armed forces

m. naval forces

n. rules for the government and military

o. domestic security

p. military governance and administration

q. District of Columbia

r. administration of the law (the "necessary and proper clause")

I. Section 9.

1. Congressional Limitations


a. writs of habeas corpus

b. population census and direct taxation

c. appropriations

d. accounting of public monies and expenditures

J. Section 10.

1. State Limitations


A. Section 1.

1. Establishment, Elections, Qualifications, Compensation

a. the president

b. the vice president

c. electors

B. Section 2.

1. Executive Powers

a. commander in chief

b. pardons and reprieves

c. treaties and appointments

C. Section 3.

1. Official Duties, Responsibilities and Privileges

a. state of the union

b. foreign relations

D. Section 4.

1. Impeachment


A. Section 1.

1. Establishment, Tenure and Compensation

a. the Supreme Court

b. inferior federal courts

c. federal justices and judges

B. Section 2.

1. Jurisdiction, Venue and Cases

a. Supreme Court original and appellate jurisdiction; the "exceptions clause"

b. criminal cases/trial by jury

C. Section 3.

1. Treason


A. Section 1.

1. Full Faith and Credit (Force and Effect of State Law)

B. Section 2.

1. Privileges and Immunites of Citizens of States and the United States; Domestic Extradition

C. Section 3.

1. U.S. Territories and Properties; Establishment and Admission of New States



A. Debts of the Confederation

B. Supremacy of national law and treaties (the "supremacy clause")

C. Affirmation of state and national legislators and executive and judicial officers (exclusion of any religious test requirement)


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