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The Life Of Jesus Christ Essay, Research Paper

Ever since Jesus was born, he has always been perfect. There have

never been any flaws that had to do with him. He had many different

characteristics and qualities that w ere unique about himincluding holiness,

purity, faithfulness, mercifulness, grac e, righteousness, love, integrity,

divinity, and courageousness.+There is nothin g that is more powerful than

that of the triunity, which consists of God the Fat her, God the Holy

Spirit, and God the Son. This report deals mostly with God th e Son, which

is Jesus. Jesus has all these qualities and we are supposed to be f

ollowing in His footsteps. Most Christians try as hard to have these great

chara cteristics, but there is no possible way that we could achieve such a

goal. It is impossible for humans to reach that goal. It says in the

Bible “For everyone falls short of the glory of God.”. That right there is

enough proof to show th at we are not worthy of his presence. God is of the

Spirit. He is not made of matte r and mind, and he does not possess a

physical nature. Some think that God is t hat of a human. There is no

possible way that this could be, because in John 4:24 J esus speaks “God is

spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”. Even

though Jesus had flesh was of the Spir it he still did have matter. He had

flesh which ismatter. In this flesh was ve ry important qualities. God

still possesses all of these qualities even though He does not have flesh.

These characteristics would fit for either God the Fath er, God the Son,

or God the Holy Spirit. They all work in the triunity and have these

qualities even though one might display it in a different manner than the

other. In the thirty three years of Jesus’ life, He had three very

important characteristics that are something we all should try and follow+

Love liness, Faithfulness, and Forgiveness. Very often when people think of

Love, they think of Jesus. In John 4:8,16 it says that God is love. This

i s a paraphrase but it is still stating something that is very important.

That v erse shows that Jesus had (and still does) mercy and compassion for

us.Another v erse that shows that God’s love as apparent is John 3:16,”For

God so loved the w orld that he gave his only begotten son that who

believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life.”.He has so much

l ove for us that he even gives us life. He could just let us Christians

live our own life but, He helps us out with His great grace. Grace is part

of the wh ole effect of God’s love. Basically what grace is, is way that

God deals with u s. It has nothing to do with what we deserve or basis of

merit, but it is givin g out by how much we need. God deals with them

according to his goodness and ge nerosity. That seems similar to

benevolence, but it isn’t. Jesus’ grace is real ly shown in the New

Testament. In Exodus 34:6it says “The Lord, the Lord, a God merciful and

gracious…”. In Ephesians 2:7 9 it says, “For it is by grace you have

been saved, through faith and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of

God not by works, so that no one can boast. In those verses it is saying

that God is allowing us to be saved. He doesn’t have to save us; He could

just let u s all go to hell, but he gives each and everyone of us a chance

to accept Him. The list goes on and on of different verses in the Bible

that shows us of God’sg race. God’s grace is related to the Mercy that He

gives us too.

Jesus’ mercy was his loving, compassion, tenderheartedness.He has a

very tender heart toward the need y. That is the kind of mercy that Jesus

has for ALL of us. We are supposed to f ear God and Jesus and then they

will pity those who fears them. If they did not pity us and have mercy on

us we would not be alive. They would have let us die by now. They cannot

stand to be in the sinning world that we live in. They wo uld just do away

with us if they didn’t care about us. Because of all of this c are He has

for us I feel that we need to have faith in Him. If God i s really to be

true and we believe that He is, then His faith in us has been pro ven. He

is all powerful and He would never do something that could proven not t o

be true. Jesus had faith in us in many ways. His father has one big

example of faith.

This example was the time in which Abraham was to sacrifice his son

Isaac on the alter. God said that he (Isaac) would be very important in

years to come. Fi rst of all Abraham didn’t believe that a son would be

sent to him, and one was. Abram didn’t have faith in God but God had faith

and said that a child would co me, and a child did come. Now that he was

on the alter God relieved Abraham fro m killing his son by having a sheep

walk by in which he was commanded to sacrifi ce instead of the son. Abraham

showed a lot of faith in God by believing Him t hat he was right in what

he was doing. I think that that was a very brave thing by Abraham to do.

He must have had all the faith that you can in God, because in a situation

like that I don’t know what I would do. If we believe and have f aith in

God and Jesus we will be forgiven of our sins, in which is another great

quality of Jesus “But with you there is forgiveness-; therefore you are

feared.” (Psalm 130:4). If you believe in the Bible that verse should let

you know that Jesus and His father does forgive us. “O’Isreal, put you hope

in the Lord, for with the Lord is unfailing love and with him is full r

edemption.” (Psalm 130:7) I feel that both of those verses are very strong

in t heir speaking of forgiveness. The Lord will forgive us of all of our

sins whene ver we ask for forgiveness.

This is all because of when Jesus died on the cross for our sins.He

took all of the sins of the world upon Him at that time. If He wouldn’t

have been crucified we would not ever be able to go into heaven because we

would always have sin wi th us. Jesus cannot be in the presence of sin now

that he has resurrected and i s back in heaven. When our sins are forgiven

they are completely forgotten. They are thrown as far as the East is from

the West. All of these qualitie s that I have talked about are very

important but there are many more. There are numerous characteristics of

Jesus. These three that I spoke of where just s ome of the ones that I

felt were very important. I am not saying that there are ones that aren’t

important, I was saying that these were three that were very important to

me. As you can see, these three qualities were things that were v ery

apparent in His life.

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