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Night Mare Essay, Research Paper

This book is called Night Mare. It is written by Piers Anthony. In this book,

the nextwave of barbarian warriors invade a place called Xanth ravaging and

destroying as they advanced. But a Mare named Imbrium has her own problems. She

has started to mishandle her job of delivering bad dreams. Now the Night

Stallion dismissed her, exiling her to the day world. Piers Anthony is the pen

name of Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob. He was born on August 6th, 1934 in

Oxford England. He has written over 100 novels in the genres of science fiction,

fantasy, horror, and martial arts. Some of his other books include, Split

Infinity and Changing the Lady. In Xanth, deserving people receive nightmares.

They are delivered by ?Night Mares? from the gourd. The gourd resembles a

Mundane squash with a hole on the surface. If one peeps into the hole, they

become entranced into the gourd. Their body stays outside, but their soul goes

into the land of the gourd. The only way to be released, is if someone blocks

the victims? view of the peephole. Inside the gourd there are several

sections, the graveyard, the city of Brassies and all kinds of spooky stuff.

When you go into the gourd and then leave, when you look at the peephole again

it takes you right back to the place you left. Inside the gourd is where

nightmares are made. Nightmares are each constructed for each individual who is

to receive it. People must have nightmares. If they didn?t, they wouldn?t

have any consciences. Nightmares make you a better person. The Night Stallion is

in charge of the gourd. He assigns the nightmares to the ?Night Mares? who

deliver the bad dreams all over Xanth and sometimes Mundania. Night Mares are

solid black and are immortal. They phase out in the darkness and travel all

night delivering nightmares. You can tell that one has been there by the hoof

prints they leave behind. The most famous Night Mare is Mare Imbrium. She had

always had a secret desire to see a rainbow. Since Night Mares can not be out in

the day, she had never seen one. After she received half a soul, which ruined

her, she no longer had the right attitude to deliver her nightmares with the

malice in which they were to be delivered. So the Night Stallion fired her and

sent her to day duty. Day Mares deliver day dreams. They also have been known to

show up in Mundania. After she became a Day Mare, Mare Imbrium was told by the

Night Stallion to deliver a message ?beware the horseman?. This started an

adventure that consisted of saving the whole of Xanth. I hated this book because

it is a science fiction book and it was so boring to read. Although it kept me

going for a couple of chapters, it got really hard to read after about the

fourth chapter. Night Mare is written by Piers Anthony. I didn?t like the book

very much because it is a science fiction. It was about Night Mares that bring

bad dreams to people that deserve them.

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