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Moby Dick Essay Essay, Research Paper

Moby Dick Essay

Throughout time, people have associated their problems with with something bad that happened to them. That thing became the center of their problems by causing a lot of suffering to that person. In Moby Dick, Melville has many interpretations of what the white whale symbolizes.

Ahab beleives that the whale is the source of all his problems. For example, Ahab considers the whale to be his wall. Ahab doesn’t believe that he can accomplish anything until he has conquered the whale. He also wants to break free from the pain that the whale has caused him. In addition, Ahab wants to find out the truth behind his life and the whale. If he figures this out, he can go on with his life. The whale symbolizes all of the pain in his life. This shows why Ahab thinks the whale is the source of all his hardships.

Some of the people think that the whale is fake while others believe he is immortal. For instance, the people that say he is not real think that he is just a story. They believe this because they know nothing can be undefeatable. The only rational explantion for them is that he is fake. Although, the others think he is godlike. They think this because he is said to be ubitquous. To them he sybolizes a very power being. This shows that the whale is a certain thing to certain people.

In conclusion, Melville had many interpretations of what the white whale symbolized. He was what one man blamed for all his problems. At the same time some people thought that the white whale was fake and he was allmighty to others.

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