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Utopia Essay, Research Paper

Why a Utopian World Can Exist

The book Utopia, by Thomas More, explains what a perfect world would look like. Utopia is simply a word used to define what can generally be described as the consummate dream of the best level of Human existence. Every person has thought of, at least once in his life, that it would be nice if there were no disease, no crime, no poverty, and/or for some other improvement in the Human condition. Since everyone has dreamed of a better world, it is fair to say that Humanity has a common dream. However, people do not believe that that perfect world can exist. By looking at some of the aspects of the utopian world, such as, money, family, and government, it can be concluded that the perfect world is not only possible but probable.

The aspects of money and material possessions are important to look at in order to understand the main reason why the utopian world can exist. The utopian people do not idealize money like the people of today s society. In today s society, people focus on doing anything for a dollar, whether it is prostitution, working long hours, or even stealing. The utopians, however, do not use money for useless reasons. In fact, the money they do have is not spent on themselves; they merely keep if for emergencies (More 86). Also, they all wear the same kind of clothing (More 78). They do not spend their money on name brand clothing like people do today, decreasing the chance of envy between them. In today s society, looks and money lead to violence in the form of robbery and assault just because that person wants what the other one has.

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Another aspect of the utopian world that should be considered is the family life. The utopians have respect for how the bible says a family should be. First, the elderly are well respected. They are served first at meals, and age is thought of as a privilege (More 83). In today s society, the elderly are thought of as sort of a nuisance. Most family members put their elderly members in a nursing home, so someone else can take care of them. Finally, they respect the hierarchy of the family. The husband/father comes first, the wife/mother is second, and the children are third. This hierarchy discourages bad behavior in the children (More 83).

The final aspect that should be considered is the government. The utopian government is simple. There are only two leadership titles: Steward and Mayor. Everyone qualifies to run for the positions, and they do not go to the extreme of spending thousands trying to win the votes. Today s government is a farce. To start, the election process is a joke. Candidates spend thousands of dollars trying to make themselves look good. This money should be spent on making the world look good. Also, the money that is used for world improvements is spent frivolously. There are unnecessary duplications of agencies. For example, there are six military branches. That means six administrative staffs, six payroll systems, etc. In sum, there is a massive amount of waste in the way government spends tax dollars to provide services to the public.

Others argue that the utopian world leads to violence. That may happen, but what needs to be realized is that violence leads to violence. To have violence, there needs to be some sort of conflict. Without jealousy or worries, there is no conflict. They also may argue that there is no freedom in Utopia. That is ludicrous. The utopians are free to go wherever they need to; they just have rules to follow to get there. Without rules, violence

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will emerge. The problem with the opposing view is that the people are looking at it from today s point of view. No, a utopia cannot just appear; one needs to start from scratch to get there. The last ignorant point of view is that people today think that the world is already perfect. There is so much violence today; it is not even funny. In a perfect world, people can watch the news without seeing that there was a murder down the street from them, or that drugs are being sold in their school.

In conclusion, the future is an unknown quantity, and as such can only be speculated about. Utopia could be some form of one of the above methods, some other method beyond Humanities current ability of perception, or some combination thereof. What is known, is that the present state of the world is not the best Humanity can do, and neither was the past. Society needs to press forward to find the best possible world. There are no limits on future abilities, just limits to what can be done now. Just keep shining the light of knowledge on the darkness of ignorance until the best is found. Continuing on such a path, at some point in the future, Humanity will bridge the gap between reality and utopia.

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