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Bubles Essay, Research Paper


I got home this morning at 5:00. I left to go out at around 6:00 pm yesterday. What I did was not the most intelligent actions that could ever be done, but I must say I had the time of my life. It is almost a known fact that whenever one takes certain drugs, an interesting night is ahead of them. My night started out with four friends and a whole bunch of illegal mushrooms.

My name is Erin, my friends that started with me on my journey are Meredith, Jacky, and Adam. Usually when consuming a psychedelic drug such as mushrooms, there is some sort of planning involved. There is the matter of finding them, and buying them, although in last night?s case, this wasn?t true. Adam sells the fungus as a way to make some extra cash. He showed up in front of my dorm with huge smile on his face. ?Guess what I got, kid,? he started with.

?I don?t know, but from the look on your face I?d have to say tonight is going to be a good night.? I knew that whenever Adam shows up, he?s got some sort of fun planned for the night.

?I just got back from *censored*in? Eddie?s and he gave me some boomers advanced. Ya wanna trip your balls off tonight??

I, naturally, got very excited. I hadn?t eaten any shrooms for about a month and was ready for them again. ?Come inside and I?ll call some people.? After checking out the merchandise inside, I knew these were quality. There was no ?shake? in the bags (that?s the little pieces that people throw in there to make the bags weigh more. It?s also the part that tastes the most like *censored*) they were huge caps and almost all of them were completely closed. Mushrooms are the most hallucinogenic when the caps are closed because the spores are trapped in there.

I called Jacky who was in, Meredith was next on the list. She loves to trip and does it almost every weekend so I knew she?d be willing. It is amazing how fast drugs can pull people together. Everyone was in my room less than ten minutes later when normally we would be waiting for Jacky to get ready for at least half an hour. Money was exchanged, and bags were handed out. Jacky and I split an eighth, and the other two ate their whole bags. This is the worst part.

I usually choose to chew on the mushrooms all by themselves and then just chase them with peanut butter and juice. The taste is so foul that it can make you gag. It is smarter to eat shrooms with something. Some people make peanut butter sandwiches, some put them in pizza, others even make mushroom tea because then, supposedly, you get the drugs into your system faster. I like to be the ballsy one and suffer.

Anyway, after about twenty minutes I got the itch to go outside. I am the type of person that needs to walk around while tripping. I feel too confined when I?m peaking if I am indoors. I started pacing and Jacky knows me well so she said, ?Guys, Erin is starting to tweek a little so lets go outside. Hey, anyone want to take a walk to my car and do a little fishbowling??

Meredith perked up when she heard this. ?It?s not called fishbowling, damn it! It?s called clam baking. How many times do we have to argue about this?? It has been an ongoing discussion between my friends and I about what this little activity is called. It seems that in Massachusetts and New Hampshire many people say fishbowling but in other states, most people have never heard of this term. Clam baking or fishbowling is when you go into some enclosed space and smoke marijuana. The point of it is to fill the whole room, car, tent or whatever other place with smoke so you are breathing in weed the whole time.

Since we are all stoners, the thought of the herb was enough to get us up and out of my dorm. It was some what of a long walk to the car because Jacky has to park where she won?t get ticketed and in Keene any place like that is far away from campus. It went fast though because we were all on a mission. After squeezing into the car and getting high as can be, we were ready to start wandering. We were all starting to trip and feeling good. Mushrooms are more of a body high and make a person feel somewhat like they are lighter than usual.

?What the *censored* do you guys say about *censored*in? going signing?? Adam is from Boston and it seems every other word out of his mouth is some form of the word *censored*. When he is on some sort of drug this is even more evident.

?Yeah, let?s go to High Street!? I was very excited at this idea because from the beginning of the year I had wanted that street sign. A few of our friends lived there and we always joked about stealing it. Even though the place where we were going was very far away, we all agreed to go. Normally the walk would have taken probably half an hour, but last night it must have been closer to two hours.

When people are tripping it is hard to describe their mind set. Everything just looks so amazing. We all stood and stared at a tree that had Christmas lights on it. It was just a tree on Main Street, and there are many of them, but this was the most wonderful thing in the world to us. People walking or driving by may have thought we were insane, and maybe we are. To put something in your body that is actually poison, and to do it on purpose, is extremely bizarre.

This drug makes you think though. I know many people who have figured out their life problems while on this drug. It makes your mind race with all sorts of ideas, even things you weren?t ever conscious of. While gazing at that tree and watching it move in ways that aren?t possible, I had many random thoughts. What if that was how the world was supposed to look, and since we only use ten percent of our brains, we never see it? Strange concepts come out. Like shoes. Looking in a shoe store window Meredith said what she was thinking.

?You guys, someone?s going to buy that ugly pair of high heels. Whoever she is is going to go to work in them and earn all sorts of money. But maybe she won?t be happy with her life because she doesn?t love her husband anymore and then she?ll quit her job. Then she?ll throw away he shoes and run away from her husband.? We all turned to Meredith straight faced. After a minute, all at once we burst out laughing.

?Come on, let?s keep walking.? It had been a long time since we started our journey and it was time to keep going. We finally got to High Street after bumping into other people we knew and stopping to look at everyday things that no one ever stops to look at. Fire hydrants, a crack in the sidewalk, the molding on an old building. Upon reaching our final destination, we proceeded to try and take the sign.

Laughing and shouting we chucked rocks at the skinny, green sheet of metal. With all the noise we made, it must have woke up half the neighborhood. After several failed attempts, Adam finally did it. With a loud crack and metallic ping, the ?High St? sign flew off and was ours. I grabbed it and we ran away, fearing someone would call the police since we had made such a ruckus.

On the way back we kept running. We sped past tree and buildings and people with out caring what they looked like. We were almost done on our trip and once we got back to my dorm, we were all a little sad. Everyone didn?t want it to end. No more feeling of unconditional happiness, no more looking at the carpet and seeing it move in bubbled waves. As I looked at each one of my friends last night, I realized we all learned something from drugs.

Although drugs are illegal and hazardous to your health, my friends really do gain from their experiences. Adam earns money which he can use to buy books for class. Jacky always stops in her everyday routine to take in the little things, and Meredith doesn?t get so upset with people anymore because she realizes they have complex lives she doesn?t know about. Me, I got a street sign I have always wanted. We are all better happier people for using drugs, so why not keep it up in moderation?


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