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There are many stories of survival. When I think of survival I think of two things, The movie, Never Cry Wolf, and the story, When the Legends Die. These two are stories of men who survived in the wild after many obtacles. They were both very different but they were still the same.

Tyler, is a brave man. He’s mainly a loner. He’s smart and knows how to deal with a situation that’s thrown at him. Tyler works for a government agency. He is out there investigating why all the caribou are dying off. He was chosen because he’s one of those people that gets the job done. They knew that he would figure out why this was happening. He ends up figuring out why they were all dying, but then starts to observe the wolves and falls in love with them. Tyler is able to be out there on his own and get the job done.

Tom, was a Native American boy who lived with his family away from civilization. He was adventurous, honest, and strong-willed. He believed that he could do whatever he put his mind to. He was the type of person that would do almost anything. In his life, he had influences that made him who he had become at the end of the story. His parents dies before he even reached the teen years. He was all alone and had to fend for himself. This was probably the most powerful thing to happen to him. By losing them, he had to grow up faster than most. Other people came into his life that introduces him to the world. They introduced him to Rodeo riding. This was the only way that Tom was able to even be happy. He would take out all of his anger out on the horses. The outcome in his life was formed by the people who came into it. He stayed in the civilized life but was never truly happy.

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