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Pornography Essay, Research Paper

Pornography is a social problem and is a commodity brought into existence by

certain characteristics of a highly developed civilization. The problem with

Pornography is that any form of censorship or suppression cannot solve it. These

Aggressive methods would merely aggravate the disease and create other deplorable

consequences. Prevention is better than cure, and by diagnosing the psychological motives of those who consume pornography, we may be able to change the instincts involved (McCune, 1985). In pornography a visual or verbal image acts as a direct stimulus to the erotic drives or impulses, which are always latent and ready to be stimulated in normal people (McCune 1985: 13). Television perhaps more than any other medium, is the average persons first glimpse at pornography. It invades your home through regular programming, cable and videos. A large part of this pornographic blitz pairs sexual pleasure with violence and develops the concept that women are expendable (McCune,1985, 18). There are countless plots on television dealing with rape, murder,

kidnapping, and beatings. All of this done to the leading man’s wife or girlfriend and has become the rule. Similarly, pornography in movies has become common entertainment. These movies leave little to the imagination and exhibit the most violent scenes of bondage, rape, and mutilation. The ultimate being the so-called “snuff” films where the victim is killed at the culmination of the abusers sexual release. Your telephone has also become a vehicle for pornography through the infamous 900 numbers. Business was so good for these pay per call services in 1991 that sales reached a record $975 million. Dial-a-Porn has flourished as teens and children joined adults on instant phone sex.



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