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How To Clean The Bathroom. Essay, Research Paper

The first thing you need to do is gather all the supplies you will need. There are many different cleaners in which you will be using. These cleaners are glass cleaner, surface cleaners, soft scrub, and ammonia. You will not only need cleaners but also implements to clean with. These are a mop and bucket, broom, cobweb brush, toilet brush, rags, a sponge, a squeegee and a step latter. Last but not least, you will need a cleaning carrier to put your supplies in to make it easier to move them around . In you carrier should be all the cleaners except the ammonia, the toilet brush, sponge, a squeegee and a few rags. Now that you have the cleaners in carrier you are ready to get started.

Start by useing a web-brush to get down any cobwebs that many be in the corners of the ceiling. Fill the sink with hot water and let any soap dishes or toothbrush holder soak. Now get the bottle of glass cleaner, sponge, squeegee, a glass rag, and a terry cloth rag and get into the shower. Begin by spraying down the tile and use the ruff side of the sponge to loosen any soap scum or build up. Using a terry cloth rag and wipe the tile clean. Now spray down the glass and again use the sponge to loosen any build up. Use the squeegee to take off the majority of the cleaner off and a glass rag to wipe any marks left. Make sure to look at the glass from all directions to be sure you didn t leave any marks. Polish the shower head and knobs so they shine. Now scrub floor well and wipe dry as you get out of the shower. Spay and wipe the outside of the glass and the shower is done.

The next step is to get into the tub. The bathtub usually has more soap sum

because of the water sitting, so be prepared to scrub. Run your sponge under the water to get it wet. Squeeze some soft scrub on the ruff side of the sponge and rub in slightly. Scrub the sides and bottom of tub so there is a sight film of white covering the tub. Rinse your sponge in the sink and begin to wipe down the tub making sure to keep rinsing the sponge after every few wipes so you are take the majority of the soft scrub of. Now using the surface spray to spray and wipe down the tub until clean.

Now moving to the toilet the first thing you want to do is lift both lids.

Squeeze a small amount of Soft scrub into the bowl and scrub sides of bowl with

toilet brush. Make sure to pay special attention to the area under the top edge of toilet. You will mostly find a lot of mildew build up from the water. Once you ve scrubbed well, pull handle to flush rinsing the bowl clean. Spray top of bowl, both sides of both lids and wipe clean. Next spray and wipe the tank and bottom of bowl where there may be drips. Finally fold the first square of tissue paper like you would the front of a paper airplane so that when you lye it down it forms a triangle. Wipe tissue hold and you ready to move to your next task.

The vanity area can be very sticky from hair spray, toothpaste, soup. etc.. so first feel counter with hand to get an idea how dirty it is. You always want to work from top to bottom so you don t brush dust on something you ve already cleaned. The only exception is the draws and cabinets be cause when you wipe them out dust goes up in the air and falls landing on the any surface in can. So, one by one open each drawer and cabinet remove the items in them, wipe out the bottom, and replace items neatly. Now, start at top of room dusting and wiping the lights with glass cleaner and a rag. Next, spray and clean mirror making sure to look at mirrors from all different angles so as not to leave any smudges. Spay counters as needed and use the ruff side of the sponge to loosen any hair spray, toothpaste, lotion, etc. that is on counters. Spray lightly a second time and wipe clean. Remove items in sink, wipe clean, and replace in its proper place. Next, Soft scrub sink with sponge, rinse, and wipe clean. Last, wipe down the fronts of drawer and cabinets, polishing the handles to shine.

The only thing left now is getting the floors to sparkle. First, sweep the floor getting under the vanity and behind the toilet. Now, make a mop bucket haft full with water and add a small amount of ammonia and mix well. With wet mop get floors nice and wet. Let set for a few minutes, ring mop well, and mop up water continuing to ring out mop when full. With most tile floors you can let floors dry by themselves, but marbles or white tile floor you will need to dry yourself. To do this without getting on you hands and knees, place a towel on the floor, stand on it, and move it around floor with your feet kind of like your skiing. This may make you feel stupid but it will save your back a lot of pain. Congratulation your bathroom is now sparkling clean.

Now, that you have done a total cleaning the next time won t be so hard. Continuing to clean on a regular basis gives you the option to eliminate steps. Cleaning the drawers and sweeping for webs do not need to be done on weekly but rather as needed. Cleaning the bathroom is not any easy gob but by cleaning in a proper order will save time and eliminates the chance of you cleaning something twice.

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