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Hunting Essay, Research Paper


Hunting is good in many ways. Hunting helps to stabilize deer so they don?t get on our property and eat our shrubs. It also brings families together on a Saturday or Sunday with a father and son or even just with friends. Some people even like it as a hobby for relaxation or fun.

Hunting helps to stabilize deer in that if we didn?t they would be on our property eating our bushes and flowers. Since most people don?t want them on their property they would kill the deer themselves. This creates a scene where there is a dead deer carcass on the lawn which other people would not like to see.

Hunting brings families together also. Say on a Saturday or Sunday , the father says to his son, ?lets go hunting?. In this situation the father and son are in the middle of the woods and start talking. They talk about school or girl problems. Or do what Mr. Levine does by taking the whole family and friends hunting.

For some people it is a hobby where they go with friends. To other people it is just nice to sit and relax in the wilderness. To other people it is very competitive where they buy really good guns and get upset if they don?t get anything.

It is your choice whether you like hunting or not. I personally find hunting to have many purposes. Yet I don?t think it is right for a hunter to wave around a dead deer. It depends upon what you like.

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