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Amendment 7 Scenario Essay, Research Paper

Amendment 7 Scenario

After sitting through a long uplifting and glorifying sermon

curtisy of the Rev.J.R.Maness. Bob and his fellow church peers decided to

go outside and play around as they wait for their parents to stop talking and

take them home. Bob was swinging on the playground when he noticed a

group of kids were standing around something in a circle. So Bob went to go

and investigate the situation. They were standing around a dead squirrel.

The squirrel looked to be as if it were asleep because it had no visible signs to

indicate the cause of death. Being that Jan is very sensitive to that kind of

stuff she ran off and told an adult what was out there. After hearing her cry

Bob s dad went out there and at a shovel; scooped it up and threw it away.

Every since that day the church began to find more and dead rodents in the

church s yard. One day when the church had a contracting company drilling

in the ground to add another swing set a worker noticed that as soon as he

had broken earth there was a strong chemical smell. And then suddenly he

noticed weird looking goo flowing through the hole he had dug. Being very

professional about the whole situation the worker contacted the pastor

immediately. After hearing this the pastor contracted an environmental

analyst to test the land. The analyst discovered that the chemical was oil

mixed with a toxic chemical. Knowing that the land the church was

presiding on was sold to the church from a gas company, he highroad a

lawyer and quickly began to research the company. Aster months of

researching the pastor and lawyer found out that a company By the name of

Atlanta Gas company once dumped toxic chemicals in the land, which also

happened to be the same company that sold the church its land. As soon as

this information surfaced the church took civil action and filed a civil action

suit against Atlanta Gas Company in junction to the Seventh Amendment

that states, In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall

exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact

tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any Courts of the United

States, than according to the rules of common law , suing the company for a

combined total of the church,land,posetions,health,and emotions for twenty

million dollars.

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