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A Little About Blaise Pascal?s Father

Etienne Pascal

Etienne Pascal was the father of Blaise Pascal. Etienne was trained in law in

Paris, receiving his degree in 1610. He returned to his home town of Clermont were he

bought the post of counsellor. He came from a wealthy family so he had an ample

amount of money without earning a living.

In 1631 he went to Paris so that his son could have the best education and he

devoted himself to Blaise?s education there. In 1634 he was appointed to a committee set

up by Cardinal Richelieu to judge whether Morin?s scheme for determining longitude

from the moon?s motion was practical.

From about his time he became involved with Mersenne?s meetings.

Through these he collaborated with Roberval, Desargues and Mydorge. Etienne also

held a number of government appointments and a court official. Etienne is famed as the

discoverer of the curve the Limacon of Pascal. The curve, so named by Roberval, can be

used to trisect an angle

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