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Should Drugs Be Legalized; My View Essay, Research Paper

Should Drugs Be Legalized; My View

It seems as if the cry of “legalize drugs!” is heard everywhere. Some argue that legalizing drugs is the way to “win” the drug war. Drug enforcement does place a burden on us. Economic resources are used up that could be used elsewhere. But the consequences of legalizing drugs would make an already large problem out of control. If one examines the arguments behind drug legalization, it becomes apparent that legalizing drugs won’t solve any of our Nation’s drug problems.

The main argument is: individuals have the right to do as they choose, provided it doesn?t harm anyone else. They choose to put the drugs inside their body, and have the right to make this choice. I understand this argument. Our government does limits individuals’ rights with laws. But this argument has flaws.

The notion that drugs only hurt the people who use them is illogical. One needs to look beyond oneself and look at the entire picture. It?s obvious that drugs have effects on MANY people. It is estimated that 100,000 babies a year are born addicted to cocaine. These babies didn?t choose to take drugs.

In Conclusion the drug war is difficult and can seem hopeless, but we shouldn’t just give up. As William Bennet, a fighter in the drug war states, “Imagine if, in the darkest days of 1940, Winston Churchill had rallied the West by saying, ‘This war looks hopeless, and besides, it costs too much. Hitler can’t be THAT bad. Let’s surrender and see what happens.’” This is what those who want to legalize drugs suggest. With all the other problems we face, it seems absurd to legalize something that could in turn destroy us.

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