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Ciggaretes, Pollution, Acid Rain Essay, Research Paper

Samanaz Felfeli

Extra Credit #1


What’s killing our country ? This year alone cigarettes

will kill 420,00 Americans, and how many more will suffer

from cancers, and circulatory and respiratory diseases.

These horrible illnesses were known to originate from

cigarettes for years, and recently nicotine, the main man

chemical additive in cigarettes, was declared addictive by

the Food and Drug Administration. This explains why smokers

continue to use cigarettes even though smokers are aware of

the constantly warned about health dangers in cigarettes.

Although smokers constitute the majority of the people who

suffer from cigarettes, they are not the only ones ailing

from cigarette smoke. The amount of second hand smoke

inhaled by the typical non smoker is equivalent to one

cigarette smoker per day. Even that amount of smoke can

cause damage to a persons heart. Smoking by pregnant women

causes allot of premature deaths and miscarriages. The only

way to terminate the suffering and loss of life brought upon

by cigarettes exists as a complete proscription on them.

Opponents to the banning of cigarettes argue though, that it

will create a profound impact on the economy. For years

cigarettes have been known to cause cancer, emphysema, and

other horrible illnesses. The death of 420,000 Americans

this year will be attributable to cigarettes. With all the

other causes of preventable deaths, accidents, alcohol,

illegal drugs, AIDS, suicide, transportation accidents,

fires, and guns, cigarettes still account for more

preventable deaths than those do combined.

Samanaz Felfeli

Extra Credit # 2


The first thing people see, in the morning, when they

walk outside is the sky or the colored sun, Is the world

giving us the privilege of seeing the natural colors of the

sun through all layers of pollution within the air? Not only

are beautiful sights such as this hidden behind the

pollution this world causes everyday, but an increasing

diseases, infections and death occurs. What causes

pollution? What can we do to prevent it, and get rid of it?

Is it fair to the children of the future to have to suffer

the consequences that pollution causes? Why not take care of

the problem now? Factory and business owners have the

ability to prevent air pollution. Air pollution is the

presence in the atmosphere of harmful gases, liquids, or

solids. Air pollution, known as smoke pollution for many

years, resulted from coal combustion. Smog gas been a

problem in coal burning areas for several centuries. Smog

finally decreased when coal combustion was replaced by oil

and gas combustion. Air pollution is caused by a number of

different types of pollutants. The first type, particulate

matter, consist of solid and liquid aerosois suspended in

the atmosphere. The second type is sulfur oxides which come

from the burning of coal and industrial processes. The third

type of pollutant is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is

colorless, odorless, tasteless gas against which humans have

no protection. The fourth type is hydrocarbons which are

chemical compounds containing only carbon and hydrogen. The

last type is nitrogen oxides that come form high temperature

combustion, such as that occurring in motor vehicle engines,

electric power plants and other fuel usage. All these

pollutants are destroying our planet in front of our eyes

and there isn’t much were are doing.

Samanaz Felfei

Extra Credit # 3

Acid Rain

Acid rain is a serious problem with disastrous effects.

Each day this serious problem increases, many people believe

that this issue is too small to deal with right now. This

issue should be met head on and solved before it is too

late. Acid rain is a cancer eating into the face of Eastern

Canada and the North Eastern United States. On both sides of

the border, cars and trucks are the main sources for nitric

acid , while power generating plants and industrial

commercial and residential fuel combustion together

contribute most of the rest. Acid rain is killing more than

lakes, It can scar the leaves of hardwood forest, wither

ferns, accelerate the death of coniferous needles, sterilize

seeds, and weaken the forests to a state that is vulnerable

to disease, infestation and decay. In the soil the acid

neutralizes chemicals vital for growth, strips other from

the and soil and carries them to the lakes and literally

retards the respiration of the soil. There is evidence that

the rain is destroying the productivity of the once rich

soils themselves, like and overdose of chemical fertilizer.

The damage of such overdosing may not be repairable or

reversible . Acid rain is very real and a very threatening

problem. In order for things to be done we need to find a

way to work together on this for at least a reduction in the

contaminants contributing to acid rain. Although there are

right steps in the right direction s but the government

should be cracking down on factories not using the best

filtering systems when incinerating or if the factory is

giving of many other dangerous fumes. I would like to

express this question to you the public” Would u rather pay

a little now or a lot later?”

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