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Hate Against Homosexuals Essay, Research Paper

Problem Within A Problem

Within today s society, there is a new form of hate which is beginning to brew. This hatred has been present in some form or another for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Throughout the world, people are drawn toward a specific group with whom they can relate. Hispanics generally socialize more with other Hispanics, Black people tend to stick to there own group of other black friends and Males and Females tend to form groups of buddies with other Males or Females. All of these things are done by people everyday without any sort of arguments being brought up. However, when the issue of one s sexuality is brought up, an overwhelming number of people take a stance based on belifes which have risen due to their own hatred for another group of people. Every year, hundreds of innocent people are killed in the U.S. just because their sexual orientation is different from what is considered to be the, norm. The problem of hate crimes being committed against homosexuals isn t just focused here in the United States either. It is a global problem which will one day spark the new formation of a hate group similar to the KKK. Overall, hatred toward homosexuals is a major problem, which is just beginning to sink its poisonous roots.

My stance to accept homosexuals came about my senior year of high school when a rumor about a fellow classmate somehow began to spread. Obviously the rumor was that this individual was gay. Throughout the remainder of the year, this individual received a great deal of grief from his fellow students. Furthermore, going to an all male high school gave this individual no type of support what so ever. During the final year of high school when everyone in the class was uniting together, this individual was singled out and mocked a great deal all because of a bad rumor. Seeing all the hatred which people displayed toward this individual never once sat quite right with me. As time went on, I began to get angry with people who were displaying hatred toward homosexuals. Try as I might, I could no longer just sit quietly and listen to people manifest their hatred toward homosexuals. During a class discussion one day, I voiced my opinion about the problem with people hating guy individuals. To my surprise, there were numerous other individuals who began to support my belief. From that point on, I never sat listening to people make fun of homosexuals even though I ve been labeled as being a bigot and received several non-idle threats.

Everyday, across the country, the hatred which was displayed toward the individual in the previous paragraph is displayed toward other gay individuals. In no way is this a new form of hatred. It has been around for hundreds of years. This same type of hatred was seen back before the turn of the century when the African American community began to gain more and more rights. Back then, people hated the African American community for one reason and one reason only, the color of their skin. If a person was black, that person was automatically put down to a lower standard. The same is true in today s world. If a person is a homosexual in society today, then they are automatically put down to a lower standard.

If society is ever going to advance toward becoming a safer and more accepting place to live, then all people must learn to never judge someone based upon their race, religion, or sexual orientation. There is absolutely no excuse as to why people cannot accept a group of people who are labeled as being different. Within the Bible, Jesus of Nazareth states the following, This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you. (John 15:12). Since different religions basically teach similar information, this message applies to all people regardless of their religious beliefs. All people should accept one another regardless of their belifes. If this were to happen, the world would be a much better place to live.

If people could only dissolve their immature hatred toward another group, then there would be no hate crimes. Homosexuals would no longer have to watch their back or worried about having some sort of violent act committed against them. Innocent victims like Matthew Sheaperd would still have the chance to live a happy and fulfilling life. Rodney King once stated, Why can t we all just get along? When pondering this question, people can see that society can only gain more by heeding it rather than continuing to hate.

If someone is against Homosexuals, then that person has a problem with people who are considered different. Society will never be safe place to live so long as people continue to display hatred toward another group of people. Calling a person a Homo or Queer is exactly the same as calling a black person a Nigger. The same form of racial hatred is what fuel s these negative attitudes toward homosexuals. It is unlikely that this hatred will ever be completely dissolved from the world. However, one can only ask, why do so many people continue to display hatred toward homosexuals? It is obvious that the world would be a much better place to live without this hatred sinking it roots into society.

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