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My article came from TIME magazine, July 17, 2000. This is a very short article on the Florida state senator, Bob Grahm. The basic issue is, can Bob Grahm be Al Gore?s Vice President? Basically the article talks about his obsessive behavior. Bob Grahm has over 4,000 journals of his daily life for the past 23 years. He has an account for every meal he eats, every meeting, and every person he meets. Bob Grahm gave TIME magazine a copy of one day in September. It goes from 8:45-9:35 he eats breakfast, 9:35-9:40 watches television, it goes all the way until midnight. Another odd behavior Bob Grahm has is due to half brother Phil committing suicide. This made Mr. Grahm want to seek control in every aspect of his life. The article states that he wants no profanity, no risk, loudness or recklessness. Grahm also has a weakness for music. He will sing one of his campaign ditties at the drop of a hat. For example, he will sing ?I?m a Florida cracker, I?m a Grahm cracker.?

This is not the kind of man I want to see next to Al Gore running the United States. I feel his behavior is obsessive, and fanatical. The author of this article Ann Blackman wrote this in a ?mocking? tone. It seemed to me that she was poking fun at him and wrote this article comical point of view. Bob Grahm in my opinion is overly emotional and too conservative.

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