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Smoking: I Can Stop Whenever I Want Essay, Research Paper

Smoking: I Can Stop Whenever I Want

Good afternoon,

I can stop whenever I want. Does that sound familiar to you? if it does you are

probably part of the 80% smokers who are teens. And studies show, that young

smokers are likely to start doing drugs, selling drugs, and so forth. Young

smokers start smoking at 12 or 13 just to get a taste of what it’s like.

Some of them find it disgusting and unhealthy and some find it cool usually

because their peers introduced it to them. Tobacco use kills about 420,000

smokers each year. Recent studies also indicate that about 53,000 non smokers

die each year from second hand smoking. You surprised heh? You shouldn’t be,

because all of those anti tobacco commercials on Television and on every single

pack of cigarettes isn’t there for nothing. It’s there to prevent all of you

teens to get hooked on cigarettes or even think about starting to smoke.

Smoking is legal almost everywhere in the world, but it shouldn’t be because

Marijuana smoking isn’t. Cigarettes are addictive and they usually lead the

smoker to marijuana use or to other kind of drugs. That’s why I think that young

teenagers shouldn’t start smoking at young age. All of you people out there who

think that they can stop whenever they want, well I have news flash for you. 1

out of 10 smokers succeed in quitting smoking in United-States. Everyone thinks

that they have an iron will and they keep on delaying the time to stop, I’ll

just stop as my new year resolution, I’ll stop in a month, a week, a year.

Smoking is really hard to quit, it’s an addictive habit and you really need an

iron will to stop it. There are also a few consequences I think I should mention

from ciggarette smoking. First of all, as you all know, ciggarette smoking turns

your teeth yellow so you can forget about those perfect teeth with the crest

smile. The second consequence is, smoking costs around 4 $ a day for a normal

smoker which comes up to 2500 $ per year, think what you could do with all that

money. And the most common and harmful consequence of smoking is, lung and mouth

cancer. Think about it, is it worth: having bad breath, turning your teeth

yellow, wasting 2500 $ per year and risking lung cancer just for a bad habit you

picked up because of peer pressure? Hopefully, in the futur, teens aren’t going

to think anymore that they could stop whenever they want and they won’t even

think about trying to smoke.

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