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The Mute Essay, Research Paper

Love and hope and pity and zest

and feelings we distrust

others want what we detest

persuade to be a must

Surrounded by a constant fury

demanding to obey

one must wonder why they worry

when they’ve chosen to delay

Worry is not truly deep

for if meaning balanced word

then they’re objections wouldn’t seem steep

and they’re demands would not be heard

Nosy hands

and nosy ears

and nosy eyes

when you have fears

what possessed them

to bring cheers

when in reality

just brings tears

A voice unheard as perfect silence

and burden that’s let free

a conversation without verbal violence

a side that you can see

Convincing mouths lead to convinced minds

but only to blind fools

when it comes to trying times

it isn’t necessary for your rules

An overcrowded head

with nothing that’s your own

ignoring what is said

engraving it in stone

Seek and find a place to hold

all those theories that aren?t your own

on the thought you might be sold

a crazy thought, cede through a moan

A day to come, late or soon

they’ll squabble all but loudly

subracted one, end through a dune

a muted torrent spoken proudly

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