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The Mountians Essay, Research Paper

English 110

December 15, 2000

The Mountains

I would love to live in the Mountains, because of the feeling of seclusion, the wilderness, and the natural beauty. When I am in the mountains I get the feeling of being with nature. In the mountains it is easy to get a perspective of what the Indians lost during the first Gold Rush. The mountains have a history lessen within them.

When in the mountain it is very easy to get the feeling that you?re the only one around for miles and miles. Most people have homes that they might feel secure in, therefore giving a sense of privacy, but when in the mountains you get a different kind of feeling. It?s like being the only person around, it?s just a feeling like no other.

The wild animals are another factor that the mountains have that just makes it so pleasing. The deer, rabbits, squirrels, and bear are just a few of the many different animals found the mountains. It is just so tranquil to sit and watch one of the animals in its natural environment. It?s almost like watching a trapeze at a circus, as a squirrel jumps form tree to tree gathering food or evading a predator.

Just the mountains them selves, weather sharp and jagged or smooth and rolling. They can give a person a perceptive of just how small and insignificant they really are. The amount of time that it took to make the hills and valleys can just make you realize that you?re just a part of time.

It is nice to be walking through the woods and find an old arrowhead that was once used for hunting, by the people who live here before us. When the Cherokee Indians were removed form there home land in the Appalachian Mountains. They were not just losing their homes there losing their way of life.

The mountains can be extremely pleasing and enjoyable yet at the same time be humbling. They are also a grim reminder of what happened to the Indians who live here before we did.

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