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Reaction to Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is a very famous novel written by Charlotte Bronte and was published in 1847.

I like Jane Eyre. She has a mind as well as a heart. Since she was a child in the Gateshead, she has had her own opinion for most of the things. She is brave, independent, and obviously different from other children. While in Lowood , she desired friendship. And she showed her love to the ones she loved. She wanted her value. She knew what love was and desired love. She didn’t want to live so quietly in Lowood and die quietly at last. So she advertised on the newspaper to find a job at the age of 18. Then she became the governess of the Thornfield. The master of Thornfield fell in love with her soon because of her special and quick-witted speaking, independent attitude, brave behaviors and brilliance. Love between Jane and Mr. Rochester is so moving that I was deeply moved twice. One is at the time when she decided to leave Mr. Rochester after she knew that Mr. Rochester had had a wife. I think that Jane can control her feelings and stuck to her self-respect. I can also feel it from her words to Mr. Rochester,” just as if both had passed through the grave, and we stood at the God’s feet, equal,-as we are!” The other is at the time when she heard there had been an accident at Thornfield and she immediately went back to Mr. Rochester who was single ,poor and disabled. I was deeply…

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