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Obessive Compulsive Disorder Essay, Research Paper


Obesessive Compulsive Disorder

1. People with obsessive compulsive disorder freaks about everyday germs or forgetting something. Compulsive are things that people do or act they perform in their head. They are repetitive and senseless just like obsessions.

Some children will have one obsession or be compulsive for a few month. There might have no obsessions or compulsive behaviour for years, and they might return for no apparent reasons.

A obsessive compulsive disorder is a mental disorder that can be threat. It’s caracterise by obessive and compulsive reactions.

2. It’s caused by something that is keeping the brain from working properly. And this cause the personn to think of things differently. Just like eating somethings that hasn’t been washed.

The best thing to do is to control it with help of medications and therapy. The people that are affected by OCD should get a support from a group where they can talk about their problems and where they can resolve it.

3. If you avoid touching things that are dirty, if you paranoid, if you do the movement over and over again, if you wash your hands with boiling water or if everytime that an accident happen you always think it’s your fault you rpbably have OCD? so speak to a parent or a doctor and go see a support group.

4. Behavioural: science that studies people with trouble of comportement.

Support group: a group where you can talk about your problems.

Magical thinking: when you think that things are magic

Paranoid: when you imagine things.

Obsessions: when you always think about the same things

Plagued: when you’re obset and always thing about something

Contamination: to be touch by germs

Self-conscious: to be embarrassed


5. You can write to:

OCD foundation

P.O. Box 70

Milford CT 06460

Or call: (203) 878-5669

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