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What Do You Want From College Essay, Research Paper

There are three main categories of things that can be gained in a life experience. We can gain materially, gain in our personality, and gain knowledge. According to our goals we pick which we want more of. I want nothing of the first except to aid my approach to the third. The second will happen as it must over time, and I can’t really guess what will be gained or lost there. So what there is left to tell you about is the knowledge I want.

All knowledge that I might want is subsidiary to the main piece of knowledge I seek. I am after the meaning of life. All other concerns, including happiness, are second in importance to this goal. I don’t expect to suddenly pop up with the meaning of life in the middle of an essay for a college class, or discover proof that life is without meaning in the lab. College is a step in my lifelong search for knowledge that will hopefully bring me closer to my goal.

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