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Response Essay, Research Paper

Chapter 1

She is also the main character in the first chapter. She was forced to give birth earlier because of being hit by a snowball, which was aimed at Dunny, by Percy. All the people in the village have been giving lots of help to her during that time, especially Dunny s family. After the incident, Mrs. Dempster gave the villagers an image of a simple girlish woman. Later on, people found out she was having sex with a tramp in the pit and her explanation for her husband was the tramp was very civil and he wanted it so badly. All the people thought she was crazy and started to make fun of her. In the end of the chapter, Mrs. Dempster raised Dunny s brother Willie from death. Dunny believed it was her second miracle.

Interesting Events:

Dunny studies of magic in the library and tries to become a conjurer.

Dunny teaches Paul, Mrs. Dempster s son, the card tricks he learned.

Significant Themes and Events:

Mrs. Dempster is hit by a snowball.

Dunny loves Mrs. Dempster.

Mrs. Dempster is found in the pit with a tramp.

Percy transfers to a school in Toronto.

Mrs. Dempster raises Willie from death.

Dunny chooses to join the army.

Leola will love Dunny forever and wait until he comes back from the war.

I think the way Mr. Dempster treats Mrs. Dempster has coursed the incident in the pit. She is kind and smart inside. She loves to help other people, like Dunny s brother. Dunny s love for her is sort of immature and the love between he and Leola is doubtable. I don t know why one of a sudden, Leola starts to love him? Will she really wait for him?

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