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Lonliness Involved In Of Mice And Men Essay, Research Paper

English III


6 March, 2000


Loneliness according to the dictionary, loneliness is in the state of

being alone. Wow, what an exciting definition, but what dose it really

mean to be alone. Alone, being by yourself, mentally or physically

or in the sense of not being able to find a partner. In the book “Of

Mice & Men” loneliness means all of the above. George is probably

The first person you will notice is lonely. He’s not trying to find a

Wife and he’s not physically alone. But he is mentally alone he doesn’t

Have any competent person to talk, he has Lennie and he needs more

than that. Curley’s wife is lonely too. But, she is trying to find a

partner who will trust and care for her, not just lock her up in her own house and not have a life. Last but certainly not the least important person, Slim. He is lonely, mentally, physically he just doesn’t need to be where he is in his life in the book. A person like that could have a much better job, with more intelligent people to work with. He could be in a place where he would be challenged and because he isn’t challenged he will never reach full, potentially. First we’ll look at George. Ever since Lennie’s aunt died George has been looking after that. Lennie has problems in the head and he really isn’t the best person for George to be with. Why, becauseGeorge has dreams and hopes, with Lennie he can’t fill in that hole in his life. George is a pretty smart guy, and may be if given a real chance he could be smarter and in a much better situation than what

he is in right now. George kind of fakes it with Lennie, he says all

these thing to him and he knows they will never come true, and the

sad thing is he is the one that really wants those things not Lennie.

Lennie doesn’t even know what George is talking about except for the

part where he takes care of the bunnies. But George ever time he talks

about that dream he’s really just pouring his heart out because he

wants that so bad and at the rate he’s going he knows it’ll never come

true and that really makes him sad. In the end George does what he

knows he has to. He knows that he can no longer live a dreamless life.

By doing what he did he freed himself and Lennie, and now he might

actually be closer to his dream than he has ever been before.

Curley’s wife is lonely too. All day long she’s stuck on this farm not

being able to leave. She wants to have a job. Why, because it shows us

that she wants to take care of herself, she wants to feel good about a

good days work as much as anybody else does. She also wants a good

marriage too. Curley isn’t such a good husband, he really doesn’t love

her he is just infatuated with her body.

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