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A Successful Administration Essay, Research Paper

A Successful Administration

Each president elected desires a smoothly operating administration run by competent officials in order to accomplish his goals and prerogatives and shared political ideologies between head administration members are vital to a successful government. The two areas of appointment in which the president exerts most influence over, the judicial and executive, are critically related to the success of his administration.

The President?s power of appointment concerning the executive branch extends mainly to his cabinet posts. The appointees head vast federal departments advising the president on specific matters pertaining to their departments as well as maintaining, enlarging, and organizing their particular sector. Aligned ideologies of all cabinet members with the president allow them to cooperate to advance the agenda of the administration. When the policies are put into action within each individual department less resistance is encountered, furthering the administration?s goals. Through his specific appointments of cabinet members the president insures that their political theories are similar, resulting in more work accomplished.

The president, through his appointments of Supreme Court Justices, directly influences the judicial branch as well as the executive. By choosing justices whose views mirror those of his and his administration, the president greatly improves his chances of passing laws and altering existing ones to align with his particular ideals. Invested with the power to interpret the law and constitution, appointed justices could do so in a manner benefiting the current agenda.

Executive branch members working in cooperation and Supreme Court Justices acting on political ideals shared with the president would wield significant power in furthering a particular agenda. Projects initiated, programs funded, and laws passed would unite under shared political views as a result of the president?s appointments and form a successful administration.

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