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At Ford Motor Company, we have a passion for Better Ideas. Whether pushing the limits of technology and design, or bringing people together within a community, we work to approach every challenge with ingenuity and caring. Explore opportunities for doing business with us, visit the Investor Center, or learn more about us.

Environmental Initiatives

Learn what we’re doing to build vehicles that are better for the environment as well as promote conservation in communities, schools, and our very own facilities.

Corporate Citizenship

Explore what corporate citizenship means at Ford Motor Company and how we are striving to make the world a better place.

Safety & Security

The safety of our vehicles and the families who rely on them is essential to Ford Motor Company. Read about our latest safety enhancements and how we’re educating motorists to buckle up and drive smart.

Design & Technology

We’re researching in Asia, partnering with NASA, and innovating in our plants and offices around the world every day. Get a preview of what’s new and what’s next at Ford Motor Company.

Partnerships & Alliances

We want you to know about the partners we work with and the programs we support. Our professional network includes some of the most exciting companies and collaborations in the marketplace today.


Ford Motor Company relies on strong relationships with suppliers and we welcome new suppliers with great products and ideas.

Investor Information

Access investor news, stock updates, and company reports.


Trace the history of Ford Motor Company—learn more about Henry Ford and 100 years of innovation.


Get news, read press releases, and review our company policies on topics such as air quality and the Firestone recall.

Global Sites

Check out the websites, vehicles, and services that are available in over 120 countries.


Our success has been achieved through the concerted efforts and collective vision of a diverse workforce in the US and abroad. Find out about career opportunities with us.

Site Map Privacy FAQs Contact Us Note: leads to an external site

?Copyright 2001 Ford Motor Company. All rights reserved.

Environmental Initiatives

Our ingenious solutions include cleaner vehicles and manufacturing processes — as well as support for green education, community recycling and more.

Ford Motor Company Auto Shows

Take an online tour of the Detroit 2001 North American International Auto Show with Ford Motor Company. Here, you’ll see images of our newest vehicle models and futuristic concept cars.

Ford Motor Company Fund

Our partnerships extend beyond the areas of commerce and industry. Be sure to explore our alliances for the environment and for our community.


This group creates and markets stylish, leading-edge electric vehicles

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