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Hamlet Essay, Research Paper

Throughout time, many pieces of literature have been written, along with even more pieces of criticism. Some of the analysis of the plays and stories try to explain why the stories are good or not. The play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare has many essays of criticism about it, where authors try to promote their view point of the story. One such critic Sir Laurence Olivier said,

?Hamlet is pound for pound, in my opinion, the greatest play ever written. It towers above everything else in dramatic literature. . . Everytime you read a line it can be a new discovery? (Olivier).

I believe with him, that Hamlet is a great play because of the way that Shakespeare hits at home with the audience and readers.

The supernatural ghosts used in Hamlet were incorperated into the play to interest the audience. William Shakespeare wrote during the Elizabethean period in England, the late 1500?s and the earlier 1600?s. The audience during this time characterized tragedies as ?

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