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Children And Physical Punishment Essay, Research Paper

“Spare the rod and spoil the child.” These famouswords are found in Proverbs 13:24 and are familiare to every parent. “Should I, or should I not?” This is one of the many questions that a parent may ask himself when his child needs phyiscal punishment.Obedience, respect, and trust are very important in a child’s life because these three qualities build character. Children should be physically punished because it helps develop obedience, respect, and trust. Obedience is a characteric that a child learnsas he grows. Itis also one that is enhanced byphyiscal punishment. Phyiscal punishment enhances obedience by teaching the child that it is to his advantage and well being to follow rules, thus layingthe foundation for a productive citizen. In addition to obedience, a child also learnsrespect through the use of physical punishment.Though phyiscal punishment a child learns to respecthis parents and elders. He learns at an early age

that authority must be respected or he will face the appropriate consequences. It is imperative that a child learns the importance of respect. Respect is important because it builds character by enabling achild to accept and appreciate others for who they are. A child that respects others also learns to respect himself, thus resulting in a higher level of self esteem. A child will be a happier personknowing that he has respect for others. But tohave others respect him is an even greater reward. A child that possesses obedience and respect also has trust. Physical punishment enhances trustbecause, with the coming of age, a child learns thathis parent only makes decisions that are in his bestinterest, thus resulting in an increased level of trust. In conclusion, physicall punishment enhances a child’s life by developing obedience, respect,and trust. But it is important that the parentunderstands that physical punishment means correctig,not abusing, the child.

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