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Critical Essay On The Eagle Essay, Research Paper

Critical Essay

The name of the poem I am writing about is called ?The Eagle? by

Alfred, Lord Tennyson. It is in figurative language form.

The poem is divided into 2 Stanza?s with 3 lines each. And there are an

average of 9 feet a line. The rhyme scheme is every last word in each stanza


Some of the imagery is with sight and sound. For sight they are ?Close

to the sun?, ?Azure world?, azure mean the blue color in a clear daytime sky.

?Wrinkled sea beneath?, and ?mountain walls?. The only one that was

imagery of sight & sound was ?like a thunderbolt he falls?.

The figures of speech are ?wrinkled sea?, which means the waves in

the ocean. And one simile is ?like a thunderbolt he falls?, it is saying how

fast a eagle dives.

The poems theme is how an eagle can fly so high and dive so fast.

And how free an eagle is. I thought that this was a nice poem. I like the way

he uses the words. I think the rhyming scheme he used was appropriate,

where every last word rhymed.

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