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Feminists vs. Nature

Promise Keepers, an organization of Christian men, gathered by the hundreds of

thousands in Washington, D. C. last weekend to rededicate themselves to God, family and

hearth. Feminists, like those in the National Organization of Women (NOW), were not


To the feminists, it s bad enough that Promise Keepers is a male-only group. But the

PKers believe that men, basically, should take the lead in the family, and that women,

basically, should follow them. The NOW inquisition screamed heresy, even though the

Bible, which is supposed to be the source of Christian doctrine, is full of such teaching.

But the media is overwhelmingly liberal and NOW and their leader, Pat Ireland, are their

darlings. So they trot them out to blast away about any subject they have no business

commenting on. NOW isn t a Christian group and most of its members aren t Christian or

even religious, unless you count burnt offerings to She-Ma, the Earth Goddess. What

would they know about what makes good Christianity? Nothing. So what business is it

of theirs to be telling a Christian group what to do? None. But that doesn t stop them,

and the media is more than happy to give them a microphone to do so.

Frankly, I ve had it with having to listen to Pat Ireland s opinion on every subject or

event that the media deems “affecting women.” Who is she to speak for women, anyway?

Ireland s views and lifestyle are so out of touch with the average American woman, let

alone Christian woman, that she couldn t speak for them if she spent five years as

housewife and mother for an East Texas preacher and twelve bratty kids.

The NOW gang and all the other gender feminists are at odds with human nature.

They re not interested in how things are supposed to be, only in how they want them to

be. If nature doesn t fall in line with their views, screw nature.

Only an idiot doesn t recognize that little boys and little girls think differently. Only a

bigger idiot doesn t see that big boys and big girls think even more differently. Feminists

would claim this is due to “sexist indoctrination. ” This must be the most effective

indoctrination program in human history. Maybe we should use the same techniques to

teach high school students where the heck France is.

I ve lived long enough to have gone through the era when men were advised to be

“sensitive.” I even tried to be so myself. It got me nowhere. Zilch. Zippo. When the

rubber met the road women didn t want that, no matter how much Pat Ireland said they


The fact is, no matter what they say to be politically correct, most women want a man

who is strong, confident and willing to take the lead. Most men want a woman who

appreciates these qualities. This doesn t mean men should be bossy. No one likes to be

bossed around. But most women admire a man who, when everyone else is hesitating,

steps up to the plate.

This is true from the first date. If the man isn t decisive about what movie he wants to

see he isn t going to get to first base. The woman may grind her teeth sitting through

Cyborg Bikers of Death 2000, but she ll admire the man for being decisive about it.

Romance novels are a multi-million dollar industry financed almost exclusively by female

readers. The male character in these stories is always the so-called “Alpha male,” a man

who is handsome, independent, self-confident and a bit roguish. Grumpy feminists despise

both the genre and the character. Dreamy female readers continue to lay down their

hard-earned dollars.

Feminists shriek that these women are brainwashed, that a “patriarchal” society has so

oppressed them that they don t even know it. The fact is the feminists are twits. Women

want to be ravished, then supported; men want to oblige them, then protect them. Does

this describe a sick society? Not unless you think human nature is sick by design. Even if

it is there isn t much we can do about it. Certainly feminist yammering isn t going to

change anything.

The ultimate irony is, after all the terminally-earnest handwringing, the woman has her

say and gets her way. When the flames of passion subside and she looks around and

decides she wants a sofa with blue roses on it, she gets a sofa with blue roses on it. The

prudent husband knows to respond, “Yes, dear.” Behind all the Promise Keepers

dedication and supplication is this basic understanding, which is why they know they need

God s help.

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