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Compare And Contrast Friends Essay, Research Paper

Having two different best friends with two very different personalities and interests can be very tedious at times. The two different personalities seem to clash at times but for some reason I get along with both people great. Although people think that you are drawn to similar personalities, I don?t know if I could find two that are more opposites. I find that it is more fun having both because they bring out two totally different sides of me.

Melanie?s personality is very easy-going, flirtatious, and can joke around constantly and be humorous. Chelsea?s personality is catty, headstrong, and likes to voice her opinion. Melanie seems to bring out the more funny and laid back. Chelsea brings out the more charismatic and argumentative side. Both of them are out going and fun people to be around even though the differences. Melanie is more of a opposite to me and Chelsea is more similar in personality.

Both interests of the two are slightly similar. Chelsea and I both play soccer for the high school. Melanie has gone snowboarding one time and really enjoys it. Chelsea has gone many times and makes it an every winter season sport. Melanie is more into student council and boys. But both are into the extra-curricular activities in different ways.

The two differ in many ways in every category. But they both seem to complete my in different ways. Chelsea makes me think more analytically then what I am used to. Melanie makes me look at life a different way and not as serious. Even though they don?t think highly of each other, I don?t know what I would do with out their differing opinions in life along with the great advice.

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