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Simpsonic Essay, Research Paper

In this day and age, society needs to have the ability to poke fun at itself. If society fails to poke fun at itself, then the tiniest disagreements could cause huge splits in the fabric of the world around it. The fastest and widest used medium that is available to be used for this is the television. Through this medium many types of programs have surfaced, from live television to game shows to cartoons society has been poked fun at from every angle possible for many years. Although true, shows loose popularity from people who get offended by them. As the show offends more people, a greater number of people who never even saw the show form opinions that are not even their own. As a result, the average viewer underrates The Simpsons .

True, The Simpsons has adult humor and many adult jokes. But the show is so riddled with subtleties that the viewers with the highest risk of being affected fail to notice it. For example, in one episode there is a sign far in the background that reads: Adult Learning Center, We put the dolt in adult education . The mature viewer would easily see that minute detail in the background, while the viewer that was at risk never would notice it. In addition, there is always a content advisory box in the upper corner of the screen at the start of each show so that the viewers responsible for the more susceptible may decide if the content of that show is appropriate.

Although characters may perform dangerous stunts (ie. jumping off cliffs off houses and out of cars) without consequence, and seem to be absolutley ignorant of the world around them, nothing proves better the point of fallacies in logic that give the show one of its many appeals. One such occurrence happened on an episode about the Springfield (main setting of the show, home of the Simpsons) bear patrol. In this episode, Homer (the father and main character) argues with his daughter, Lisa. The argument is about whether or not the bear patrol is effectively keeping bears out of the city. Lisa, trying to prove her point about the futility of a bear patrol in a heavily populated city, picks up a nearby rock and says If it (the bear patrol) really keeps bears away, then this rock keeps tigers away. Homer unable to notice that Lisa is being sarcastic, looks around, sees no tigers, and then decides the rock must be able to keep tigers at bay, after which he offers to buy the rock from her for fifty dollars.

This show parodies any popular program, without fear of consequences. From Friends to VH2 s Behind the Music no show of reasonable stature is safe from thier parodies. In an example of a parody of VH2 s Behind the Music , The Simpsons ran a special episode called VH2 s behind the Show which was a documentary about the lives of the Simpsons behind the scenes.

Perhaps most importantly of all, The Simpsons is the most up-to-date cartoon in history, commenting on occurrences in society as recent as a few hours before airing time. One example occurred during the pre super bowl week of the Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos. Homer and his friends commented on the score, stats and winners of the game that decided who would go to the super bowl. The amazing thing was the game had only been played a few hours before the airing of the show. Through every major scandal, sports event, and major disaster The Simpsons was on the television, commenting away.

Understandingly, a handful of people will underrate The Simpsons , never having seen it. Although having a huge following, The Simpsons cannot please the entire population of the United States, nor can it last forever the main staple of criticism of self. As our society broadens, more people will realize that the type of humor shown on television is less harmful than previously thought by many of the more (self-proclaimed) conservatives. Given time, society may even be able to ridicule itself without offending many others at the same time.

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