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About Love Essay, Research Paper

About Love

This is how it starts: ?I will star to write a letter, about love and peaceful moments by your side?. ?About Love? it is the name of the song I am going to write about. Why is this song so important to me? It has to do mostly with my memories and feelings. The song reminds me a period of time in my life when I was not old enough to understand its meaning. It is very difficult to describe feelings, thus they have to do with your personality, life, destiny and past. This song became one of my favorites not a long time ago though. About Love is not what may seem to indicate the actual meaning of the lyrics and the memories related to it in particular. The story begins in airplane. I was going back to United States from my motherland. I was sixteen years old and it was my first visit to my native country since I left it in 1992. In summer1992, my family and I moved to Mexico. After three and a half years spent in Mexico I moved to U.S. where I am pursuing a college education majoring in Music Education. Going back to the topic, I remember how desperate I was, I could not wait to go back to U.S. There was nothing-special going on throughout my fly except the movie that I watched. There was nothing left to do but sleeping or staring into the TV screen right in front of you. I liked the movie a lot, even though, I did not watch it from the beginning and not knowing its name, nothing about it. But, there was something else in it that made me remember it for a long time: the song. The song was great. I loved it so much that I started a search on it being already in U.S. After several months of research, I still could not find out the name of the group. I lost hope, I quite my search without forgetting about its existence. Year and I half have passed since I watched for first time a movie with that unforgettable song in it.

Later on, I met one fellow who originally is from the same country where I am from. Later on he invited me for a party. Than we started to watch a movie which from the mere beginning made me experience an effect called ?De-Gea-Vu?, that is like I have seen this movie before but I do not remember where and when. I told it to my friend without really believing in what I was saying. But suddenly I recognized the artist and the pot of the movie. It was exactly that movie which I saw on my trip back to U.S; the one with the famous song in it. I started to exclaim and wonder how is that possible that I did not recognize it from the beginning. It was an unforgettable moment. I was really lucky and optimistic about it. On the other hand, I was pretty sad after all, because, the movie and specially that old song which was playing in my head for almost two years, recalled those insignificant hours which I spent on the plain, watching the movie that has made a strong affection on me. The ?powerful? lyrics, has changed my life. They helped me to understand and believe both in my country and myself.

Last summer, I finally went back, for visiting purpose only, to the country where I was born. This time I knew I am not going to live without the CD in my pocket. I still did not know much about that song arriving there, but it did not last for long; I bought the CD with my favorite song on it called ?About Love?.

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