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Le Corbusier’s “Five Points Of A New Architecture” Essay, Research Paper

This is the most famous application of Le Corbusier’s “five points of a new

architecture”. All five points are clearly present in this house: pilotis, a roof

garden, a free floor plan, ribbon windows, and a free fa?ade. The first

impression you get when approaching the house is of a horizontal white box

placed on pilotis, set off against the natural surroundings. The plan of the

building is square, one of the ideal shapes which the architects so admired.

Within this strict geometry, dynamic curved forms are added, like the

staircase and the solarium on the roof. The curved ground floor contains the

entrance, servants’ quarters, and garages. The ramp leading to the first floor

is the very spine of the plan. The private rooms behind the ribbon windows

on the first floor stand around the roof terrace, which is accessible through

sliding doors. The final sloop of the ramp leads to the roof with a solarium

screened by curved walls.

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