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The Movies Essay, Research Paper

The speaker in the movie viewed in class on February 5, 2001 gave a very good presentation on the procedures performed during C.P.R. and the benefits of knowing this life saving procedure. Although the speech was audience capturing, there were a few improvements that would have helped improve her presentation.

The speaker s opening was very strong and caught the attention of the audience because she invited them to make a mental picture, however, during the opening her note cards were distracting. She was swinging them around as she faced her audience, but she never looked down at them. They became an even bigger distraction when she finally looked at them and had to pause for a short period of time to find her spot. This could have been avoided if she would not have used so many note cards.

Her use of the C.P.R. doll was an effective visual aid and added a lot of emphasis to her presentation. Without the C.P.R. doll she would not have been able to give such a clear and informative speech.

Throughout the speech the presenter s voice remained clear, but there were times when she began to speak too slowly. This left the impression that she was searching for the right word or trying to remember what she was going to say next. Another strong point was the speaker s eye contact. She continuously looked around the room, making sure to include her entire audience.

One thing that I fell the speaker should have mentioned in her speech was that professional training is necessary before performing C.P.R. and the speech was not a replacement of that training. Instead she left the impression that anyone could perform C.P.R after listening to her speech.

On a scale from one to ten, I would have given this speaker a seven. There were many strong points to the presentation; however, with a few minor adjustments the speech would have been more effective.

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