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Drug Addiction Essay, Research Paper

Drug addiction can be something that will ruin your life. Abusing drugs can

lead to

serious damage to your body and it can be deadly. You might lose your family

and your everyday

life. Because of drugs the world is becoming a much more violent and unsafe

place to live in.

People who use drugs do not realize it, but their bodies are going to waste.

Using drugs

may be something that will make you feel good and forget about your problems

; but the reality is

that drugs will do the opposite, they will cause more problems. People have

died from trying a

drug for just the first time in their life. Drugs will damage your organs and

kill your brain cells.

These harmful substances will also keep you from functioning normally.

Family is something important to every person on this earth. Drug addicts get

distant with

their families because the thing that matters to them most is drugs. Not only

do the drug abusers

get distant from their families, their families gets distant from them.

Because of drugs you might

lose your job ; the boss might see that you are not functioning properly and

may let you go. Your

friends will not be as nice and generous to you as they were. They will start

ignoring you.

These so called stimulants can lead a person to become very aggressive. As

the drugs

wear off, a persons body is hungry for more. That?s when you become

aggressive and mad. You

will try to do anything to get more drugs so the pain will go away. Many

people steal money

from their parents or their spouses. Some sell their bodies and some kill

other people for drugs.

This is why there is so much violence in this world today.

People are ruining their lives by abusing drugs. They die from this poison.

Many lose their

family and friends. And many kill others just for the drugs. If you want to

make this world a safer

and more kinder place to live in start by being clean. Other people will

appreciate it. You might

even set an example to others who look up to you.

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