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The Eye Of The Dragon Essay, Research Paper

Character Sketch

In The Eyes of the Dragon, the author Stephen King shows that Thomas is more than just a character to us. Thomas shows his traits as being naivete, jealously, and low self-esteem in

Stephen King’s The Eyes of the Dragon. Thomas, a son of a king, tries to live up to his fathers acceptations and is forced to compete with his older brother Peter.

Thomas is best described to be na?ve. Thomas, who is lonely, with all the attention on his brother, spends all of his time sitting in his room; which gives his father’s partner Flagg, an opportunity to corrupt him. Flagg starts out by taking Thomas to the needle just to scare him and show him to fear Flagg. Then Thomas sees his father get poisoned and knows that Flagg did it but doesn’t do anything. After all of this Thomas still doesn’t recognize the evil in Flagg. Then he asks Flagg for his help in becoming a king.

With an older brother like Peter who has the town’s people and his father, the king’s, attention on him, Thomas has nothing better to feel but a little bit of jealously toward Peter. Thomas shows this when he knows that his mother Sasha spent lots of time with Peter while she was pregnant with him. Also when Thomas sees his brother, Peter give their father a bottle of wine for his birthday. Thomas was generally jealous of Peter for knowing how he rarely lied, never cheated and for just being smart and kind, tall and handsome. When Thomas sees his father and Flagg toast to Peter for being

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