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“Stop! Stop!” shrieked Satan; “let me go! I will depart – but I shall return.” And instantly Nicola fell into the most frightful concvulsions. A black smoke was seen issuing from her mouth, and she fell again into a swoon . Her left arm, which had been paralyzed by the devil, was found entirely without feeling. The doctors cut into the arm with a sharp knife, they burnt it with fire, they drove pins and needles under the nails of the fingers, but Nicola felt no pain; her arm was utterly insensible ..they rubbed her limbs briskly, they threw water in her face, they pierced her tongue till the blood flowed; they tried every possible means to arouse her, but in vein! .. At last the priest touched the lips of Nicola with the Blessed Sacrament, and instantly she was restored to consciousness, and began to praise god.” (Muller, 3)

The interest of demonic possession show in the actions people make as well as their decisions. Little things you would think of only being fun, such as playing a “Ouija” board or calling a psychic hotline, are related to the devil and his demons. It is the belief of many that there is such a thing as a demon. That satan in fact exists. Can a demon really possess someone? Or something? Do people understand the powers that they are dealing with and what the consequences can be?

The word “demon” signifies a devoted helper of satan who assists in the harming and harrassment of humans. “Demon” is also used to make known when a spirit is malignant. They get their name from the Greek word “daimon” meaning intelligent. The phrase “demonic possession” is

The belief that demons wre indeed real originated in the first century CE. Being a helper of satan, demons were said to promote violence and bring upon deception within the followers of god. Many Christians believe that possession is allowed by god to test the devotion of his followers. Certain hardships would be suspect of a demonic possession in a township. Example would be: child hood illnesses, a deformation of the body, bad crops or dying livestock. The townships that suffered from these ailments would often seek out a witch, or an unlucky person, and kill them. Thus ending the influence of the devil on them.

Allowing a demon, or several, to possess a god faring person is another “test” provided by god. Between the dates of November 8, 1565 and February 9, 1566 a young woman, Nicola Aubrey, was possessed by Beelzebub along with 29 other demons. The demons told the priest that they were allowed by god to possess the woman to show everyone that demons do exist and will take possession of a creature upon the permission of god. God allows this to occur in an attempt to unite man in one religion. For some it worked. When a number or priests, other than Christian, attempted to expel the demons, the demons in Nicola terrified them enough to step down from the exorcism. It was only when a Christian priest touched the lips of the girl with the Blessed Sacrament that the demons would leave.

It has been known that in a bona fide exorcism only a Christian priest is allowed to perform the task. Because of the fact that other religions branched off of Christianity they are not the true believers in god. However, there are certain exorcisms that can be done by the layman. The “exorcisms” are only protections from demons and bad spirits. They include certain rituals to be performed when moving into a new home, buying a new car, or starting a new job.

In today’s world possession is often interchanged with mental illnesses. If a person suffers from Schizophrenia, Tourretes Syndrome, or another mental disorder, loved ones will almost undoughtably take them to see some sort of shrink. Altough uncommon this mistake could be a fatal one. Upon taking the possessed to a medical clinic of some sort, the “illness” was treated the wrong way. Instead of exorcizing the spirit, they would use such cures as electro shock therapy. Thus allowing for an overwhelming amount electricity to be sent through the possessed body and killing them outright. There are certain ways to know whether someone is possessed or suffering from a mental illness. A possession is indicated when a person shows unnatural strength, is able to speak in languages he/she have never learned, is able to read minds, can tell someone about their past, will not admit to being possessed, uses an unusual amount of vulgar language. A person with a mental disorder will devout their acceptance to the lord, have no mental powers, will not be any stronger, and they will admit as to whether or not they are possessed.


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