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Paringaux’s article “A Day in the Life of Catherine Bana,” is one that is both moving and informative. It’s description of the daily routine of a wife and mother from Balkoui shocks most American readers with the graphic reality of life in the impoverished nation. The article provides a vivid description of the geography of Sahel, the roles of males and females in this society, and the impact of recent international development. The families of Burknina-Faso depend on agriculture as the main source of their meager incomes. The climate and other geographical factors virtually shape the life Catherine Bana. She spends her days tending to the livestock and crops. Millet, sorghum, and groundnut require large amounts of labor and care in order to produce the profit the family needs to survive. Twice a week, Catherine travels to the market to sell the fruits of her labor, along with some small crafts she has produced in her spare time. Further adding to the hardships her manual labor, the country suffers from a severe water shortage. When water is needed Catherine is forced to travel to the well to fetch water in jugs. This hot, humid, and dry climate is a harsh reality that the women of Balkoui must face each day. Throughout the article the author reveals a distinctive difference in the traditional roles of women in America and in Balkoui. It is significant that Paringaux chooses to depict a “Day in the Life of Catherine Bana” instead of her husband. The author is sympathetic towards the tough existence of women in the African culture, and…

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