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Mohegan Tribe Good Report Essay, Research Paper

Mohegan Myths, Legends, Lore

A brief Mohegan History

The Mohegan tribe along with other Alonquian speaking Indians lived in the Thames valley in what is now Connecticut. The population was roughly 2,200 strong. Their way of life was based on the cultivation of maize, hunting and fishing.

The Mohegan and the Pequot were jointly ruled by the Pequot Chief Sassucus until a sub chief Uncas lead a rebellion that lead to Mohegan independence. The Pequot tribe was besieged and broken a part. The Mohegans took control of Pequot tribes and lands.

This is a excerpt from Mohegan oral history

Long Ago, The earth was formed a top the back of a giant turtle, whom we call Grandfather. At that time, Gunche Mundo (The Great Spirit) breathed a living spirit into all things: rocks,

Trees, plants, animals and people. Gunche Mundo created our mother tribe, the Lenni Leanpe (The Real People) and divided it into three clans.

–Turtles, Turkeys and the Wolves. The Wolf People know as the Mohegans separated from the Turtles and Turkeys then headed east toward the rising sun.

The tale of the MaKiaWisSug as told by Gladys Tanta Guidgeon.

Long ago, this land of the Mohegans was a very different place. Good Spirits guarded the place. Good Spirits were those called Makiawisug. They are the Little People of the woodlands.

When the full moon rose over the pine trees, the people would listen extra hard for the call of the whip-poor-will signaling the Little People s arrival.

In the days there were many good Mohegans, who brought small baskets filled with gifts of corn cakes and berries for the Makiawisug. They placed them deep within the woodlands

In return for the gifts they received, the Makiawisug taught the people about the healing herbs and how to grow corn. They brought Good Medicine and kept the Earth well

This was a time of Peace and Plenty.

Moons of the Mohegan year

There are 13 moons in the Mohegan year. There are also 13 sections on the back of a turtle. Turtles are the keepers of time and they are called the Grandfathers.

1st Moon Maple Sugar Moon

Spring geese return; ice thaws maple sugar runs.

2nd Moon Moon of peeping frogs,

Spring rain calls the frogs and plants sprout.

3rd Moon Corn planting moon

Offerings are made to the seven hills of corn.

4th Moon Strawberry Moon

Begins the feast of strawberries and courtship between young men and women begin.

5th Moon Thunder Moon

The warm time and gathering of first corn and blackberries known as weewatchingmunch.

6th Moon Moon of the hot suns

Known as the dog days of summer. Do not gather but swim and dig clams.

7th Moon Harvest Moon

The time of annual Wigwam or corn festival. Greatest time for gathering corn, pumpkin and squash.

8th Moon Moon of falling leaves

when looking in the sky Ursa Major Great Indian hunter kills Orion (great sky bear) The leaves change red (the blood) and yellow (the fat).

9th Moon Hunting Moon

When the frosts increase the time for hunting deer begins and young men are taught the lessons of a respectful hunt.

10th Moon Beaver Moon

At the approach of winter it is time to trap beaver, smoke meat and perform the ceremony of burning deer bones to give thanks for a good hunt.

11th Moon Cold Moon

The rivers freeze and the first Snow arrives, the time of story telling of the magical little people begins.

12th Moon- Wolf Moon

During the long month when the nights grow very cold and the wolves begin to speak of their hunger, the Mohegans stay in their long houses and tell stories.

13th Moon Snow Wading Moon

(If the moon is concealed by haze it is said to be wading through snow.) When the ice crystals in the air are shattered by the first thunder of spring the Mohegan Indian Year is drawing to a close.

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