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Gang are stereotyped to be a bunch of “thugs”who

walk around selling drugs, shooting, and participating in other criminal activity. To an

extent, this is true, but what people dont really take the time to consider is the fact that

some gangs are more than just “thugs on the block.” Some gangs, in fact most are acually

organized. The article covers a few bare essentials to hindering this type of organization

in the school settings and gives steps to reducing it.

Three main points the article deals with the prevention of gang activity

in the schools, they are, not to ignore the situation, formulate realistic objectives and

goals to eliminating the problem and to set up communication networks. School officials

must be realistic in their approach to gangs in the schools and decide to concentrate more

of their efforts on preventing or reducing gang related activity. Administrators who deny

the presence of gangs limit their options to confront gangs realistically and effectively.

Secondly, formulate realistic objectives and goals to controlling the problem. If

the gang activity is to intense, reduction would be a better plan to enact than prevention.

Make it known to gang members that their actions are being monitered and will not be

tolerated. Enact new “gang codes” in student hand books focusing on dressing in gang

colors and paraphernalia. Take strict action upon those violating the code. This will

serve as a deterrance and send out of signal to other gang members that serious steps are

being taken to reduce gang activity.

Finally, communitcation networks needs to be established. It is essential to the

well being of a task that open lines of communication between team members, neighbors,

students, parents and most importantly, law enforcement are being kept. Gathering and

sharing imfornation is a critical part of evaluation the situation. If gang activity is seen

going on in a designated area, all the coensiding parties should know. Also, take

notice and discuss grafitti and gang colors in certain areas. Share this type of

information with team members and make the location known to gang members that the

area is under survelance.

These three topics are of utmost importance because gang activity in schools are

not being addressed. The lack of knowledge about gangs makes it more reluctant for

school official not to deal with them. Serious actions by schooling administraters

need to become a larger part of the their daily curriculum. Until the situation at hand is

addressed by school officials, the problem will only grow. Steps need to be taken now to

keep our schools safe before the problem become to large to handle.

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