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Universality Essay, Research Paper

If you happen to be born into a family of high social or political status then odds are that you will progress to the top of the totem pole the quickest. The assassination of Caesar in Act III is a basic representation of an emotion that anyone, in any time period, could relate to. Caesar, upon his return from killing Pompey, is acknowledged as a war hero. Brutus knowing that Caesar is fighting for the top, decides to terminate Caesar for the good of Rome. In life, one of two things will happen, you will either eat or be eaten.

In today?s society people aren?t usually killed for any reason and not prosecuted for it, but instead society has created something much worse. Society now has the ability to humiliate and falsely represent one another at will, without reason. This process is done through huge advertising schemes, and generally during the election season. When propaganda was created it opened up doors that were much more painful than being stabbed in any way. Politics today revolve around who can lie the best and afford the biggest campaign project.

When observing the recent political event, the presidential election, it was clear, by watching the news footage, that if killing the opposition was an excepted way to win it most certainly would?ve happened. Every time the TV was on there was some form of campaign advertisement to support one of the two candidates. But some of the commercials didn?t support one of the two candidates, sometimes they would rip the other apart, in turn aiding one side.

There was no actual campaigning that took place in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, because there wasn?t an actual election taking place. The event that was occurring was actually a change in the Roman government, the root of our government. If Caesar were to accept the crown he would then be a king, killing the democratic way of life. Brutus knows that Caesar is ambitious, he tells this to the Marc Antony who then repeats it to the crowd over Caesar?s dead body. Because Brutus can?t campaign against him and he knows that the crowd has already been rallied in Caesar?s direction, he gives Caesar the fatal stab leaving Rome in its democratic state.

The American government is completely derived from the Roman government giving The Tragedy of Julius Caesar its main thread between eras of time people. On top of the basic governmental similarities, lately there has been an even larger pull for the government aspects of this play with the presidential elections. However, if you didn?t have the governmental similarity then there would always be the common thread between all humans, that thread being the desire or the ambition to be the biggest and the best. Life is a rat race, you will either eat or be eaten.

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