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The Face Of Skinheads Essay, Research Paper

Kevin M. Sullivan Jr.


October 13, 2000

The Face of Skinheads

Webster?s Dictionary defines skinheads, “as usually a white male belonging to any of various, sometimes violent, youth gangs whose members have close-shaven hair and often espouse white-supremacist beliefs.” I had the pleasure, more like displeasure, of looking up information on skinheads and found that they are not at all as the dictionary defined them as. They are worse then any of those English majors could imagine. Skinheads are very violent and ignorant people, they feel that they are superior to all other races. They follow the rules set down by Adolf Hitler, his teachings and his bigotry fuel their fight. Such people as Tom Metzger, Terrible Tommy, Leon Degrelle, Alex Curtis, and Shane McCormick, publisher of Hammerskin Press and leader of Hammerskins.com, view themselves as superior. I have decided to focus on these five people to show you how terrible these white supremacist groups are.

Tom Metzger is the director of a very extensive group called the, “White Aryan Resistance.” His view is that whites are supreme and all other races, especially African Americans and Jews, are inferior. He has six children, five of them girls, women are also looked at as inferior to white men. His son has grown to be just like him. His son, John Metzger, has also been involved in riots and brawls. John was arrested in Toronto, in 1992, for giving a speech that was, “likely to commit an indictable offense.”(resist.com) John like his father is a hated person. Tom Metzger has been involved in, “brawls, riots, negotiations with the Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan, half dozen assassination attempts, and he also won the Democratic Primary in 1980.”(resist.com) His attitude towards his life and the situations he has been in is one of happiness. He has no remorse for any of the crimes or any of the violent acts he was involved in. He is one of the most hated people in the political scene. He uses Hitler?s teachings to guide his life.

Terrible Tommy is of course an alias for an Aryan on-line paper publisher. I read the articles that were published on the W.A.R. web-site, W.A.R. stands for White Aryan Resistance. These articles show that the Aryan race feel that all other races are inferior. These articles call the presidential election, “Two Aryan Morons at the front of the pack with an assortment of non-Aryans and unknowns bringing up the rear.”(resist.com) His comments on the United States have a very racist tone. His views on society and how the U.S. is run are very far fetched and very racist he places blame on all other races. Here is a excerpt from one of the many letters written by Terrible Tommy:

“During the last century before the total collapse of Rome, the Romans had

adopted the practice of giving “citizenship” to foreigners and slaves. Thus, as

multi-culturalism, consumerism, Jewism and Jewish Christianity, crude capitalism,

and prostitution became so rampant in the government that the “tax base” of the

government could no longer support the needs of the white people.

In the case of American, it will be the mongrel horde of Jewish controlled mestizo,

negro, asiatic, mulatto mud hybrids that is sweeping down from the hills to

overthrow the white population. America has built it?s present day house on a

weak foundation of sand?so that when the rains come and the winds blow, the

ground gives way and great is the fall.”(resist.com)

He says that the United States is falling for allowing people to come here and start a new life. That is no true at all. He says the non-whites are taking white jobs, again not true. People who usually immigrate into this country come illegally are forced to work under the table at unsafe jobs and are usually paid under minimum wage. They are forced to live like dogs and are force to live with little or no money.

Leon Dergrelle is a lover of Hitler, he followed his whole life and called it, “The Enigma of Hitler.”(whitracist.com) He wrote this as if he was a close friend of Hitler?s. He defends Hitler saying that, “The Enigma of Hitler is beyond all human comprehension.” His paper portrays Hitler as a lovable misunderstand man. How can someone who killed millions be misunderstood? He says that people loved Hitler because, “Hitler was strangely attractive and as if he possessed of magical powers.”(whiteracist.com) Now Hitler was a very good speaker, but having magical powers that is a bit far fetched. Dregrelle claims that Hitler was a caring giving man that, “Never ate red meat, only drank water, didn?t like killing, and gave to the community.”(whiteracist.com) He claims that Hitler was a simple man. “His simplicity was his most notable characteristic.” (whiteracist.com) He also claims that Hitler?s actions and ideas were so perfect that only he and his people could understand them. Leon says that Hitler believed in God. This well might be true, but the God he believed in isn?t the God that we pray to. I think that Hitler believed he was God.

Alex Curtis published a manual for putting all the power in San Diego to white people. His dream was to make San Diego, “The most racist city in America.”(whiteracist.com) His view is that all cities and towns should be white run and that all businesses should be white owned. His plan for taking back San Diego is to join all racial activists. He says that, “With good and creative white people all working simultaneously is San Diego for white consciousness, we will affect the city?s culture. He feels that no one will be able to escape the message of his white followers. He feels that the white culture is being strangled by immigrants and that the whole United States will soon suffer. He is much like Tom Metzger in his ideas, another racist bigot trying to change the world to Hitler?s dream.

Shane McCormick is the publisher of Hammerskin press and a member of the Hammerskin Brotherhood. Shane is twenty-five years old and has been in the movement for about nine years. He became the editor of the Hammerskin press four years ago when it was handed to him by the previous editor. His definition of a skinhead is, “Someone willing to work hard for what they believe, live a disciplined lifestyle, and not let anyone or anything enslave you whether it is fashionable or not.”(hammerskins.com) He is the most organized of all of the people I chose to write about, his views are not as racist as the others. He is not trying to shove it down the throats of young Americans, but just express the views of him and his “brothers.” He says that if they are stopped from publishing that, “You can bet that all hell will break loose! It will open a whole new door of resistance.”(Hammerskins.com) His group is very tight knit, they care about eachother and work together to get their point across. “We always stress the inportance of our POWs. How can we be a real racist movement on the outside if we don?t show support on the outside. What take a risk if you know you will be forgotten if captured?”(Hammerskins.com)

In conclusion, even after reading about all of these men, and seeing all of their sides. My view on skinheads is still the same. They are just a violent group of people who believe that they are superior. They in fact are the inferior ones, they are narrow minded, self-centered, egotistical, bigots that are just made at the world. They all focus on God. What a joke, God taught us to love all so what are these so-called God followers killing, beating, and destroy property of after creature of God? They only hate the person because of their color, race, or ethnic background, not because they actually did something to them. These racist movements are poisoning our society and sucking up our children. They are instilling values of hatred into young kids, they are heartless monsters that just want to bring back Hitler and show the world that they were discriminated against. They are a bunch of cry-babies.



Tom Metzger


Aryan Update

Terrible Tommy


The Enigma of Hitler

Leo Degrelle


The White Power Strategy For San Diego

Alex Curtis


Interview With Editor of Hammerskin Press For R.A.C. Magazine 5-25-2000

Lukas M.


No Author

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