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Cryano Essay, Research Paper

Cyrano De Bergerac A romantic Hero

The dictionary definition for a romantic hero is someone who is usually colorful, attractive, and surpasses the average person in every way. Once in an era there is someone who is colorful, and surpasses everyone in all ways except for their hideous deformity. The person who uses his linguistic library and his talent to speak pure beauty when ever he speaks no matter what he says, he is non other then Cyrano De Bergerac. Cyrano, because of his nose, denied himself love for a long time, because he was afraid that people wouldn t love him seeing his nose was such a monstrosity. Cyrano achieved love through his wit and his love for adventure. He is a true romantic hero. No matter what obstacles were in his way he was a lover, a fighter, and an artist. I think Cyrano is more than a Romantic hero he is a Romantic god. In some cases you can argue that Quasi Modo was a romantic hero.

Cyrano is a person of many talents he can change his voice to sound like someone else, fight 100 men at once and say the most beautiful poetry in a battle. How many people in history that have been described as romantic heroes can do that? Whenever Cyrano speaks, the most enchanting and scintillating poetry leap from his mouth. But as all heroes have their flaw and so does Cyrano. In stories that people read the hero is someone who subsists not to be afraid of things but to fight them head on. Cyrano is just identical to that except he doesn t fight his love for Roxane. Cyrano, who is Roxane s cousin, is in love with Roxane deeply. Roxane cares for Cyrano, but only like a friend, he loves her like a raging fire. Roxane is an egocentric fool, she loves someone mans looks and another mans brains. She thought she loved the guy with the looks because he can speak well little did she know that it wasn t him.

Cyrano s heart throbbing determination towards Roxane was extraordinary. Everything she asked from him he did. Even if it meant any hope of ever being with her. He sacrificed his love for her so she could be happy. He thought that she would never be happy with him because of his monstrosity he calls a nose. He had enough courage to listen to her say how much she loves another man knowing how much he loves her. Cyrano promised to help the person that she loved to stay out of danger and also promised her that he will look after him. If a normal man listened to this, it would be like looking a straight into the barrels of a shotgun and saying shoot. The name of the man she loved was Christian. He had no qualities of a romantic hero. He used Cyrano to win Roxane s love. What kind of romantic hero would use someone else too win themselves love ? To him it was almost like a game.

You can see by Cyrano s actions he is a very sheik person and he believes in chivalry. He shows that by his decisiveness to full fill Roxane s plea. He is a true romantic hero because he doesn t care about himself. Throughout the whole book he doesn t show any selfishness. He only shows virtue. When he writes the letters every day to Roxane, he writes his true feelings to her except signs it under a different name. Every day he crossed enemy lines to deliver letters of love to Roxane and he got no credit for it. Now is that not courageous and beautiful? Cyrano is a man among men, a lover among lovers, and a great romantic hero.

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